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    Everything you wanted to know about the Goodyear Eagle ResponsEdge and way, WAY more.

    I recently bought new-to-me 17″ wheels to replace the stock 16″ steelies, as detailed here. By going to a 17″, lower profile, wider tire, I had hoped to improve the handling of my Quest. To that end, I bought new 235/55 VR17 Goodyear Eagle ResponsEdge tires. I have been quite happy with the new tires.

    Total grip, responsiveness, and steering precision have increased over the OEM Goodyear Eagle LS-2s. The tires are no longer the weak link in the connection to the road. The OEM tires could easily be overwhelmed during “spirited” cornering. That is no longer the case, as the new tires have enough grip that body roll discourages increased cornering speed before the tires give up. It is much more difficult to spin the tires from a stop on wet pavement. The noise level with the ResponsEdges is, if any different, slightly lower than with the LS-2s. The downside: Ride quality has suffered slightly. Specifically, medium-sized bumps are a little more noticeable.

    I am running 39 psi in the new front tires and 35 psi in the rear. For a comparison to the pressure I ran in the OEM tires see this link.



    After my first tire rotation, I’m lowering the front air pressure in these larger tires to 37 psi. The centers of the tire tread were wearing slightly faster than the edges. Never saw that with increased pressure on the OEM craptastic tires. Maybe with the increased width on the new ones, the center of the tread isn’t as well supported? Anyway, the drop in air pressure has had only a small negative effect on responsiveness and should promote more even wear.

    06 Quest Base

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