Groaning Brakes

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    I am driving a 1995 Nissan Quest GXE. In the past few months, I’ve noticed that my brakes groan when i come to a complete stop. The brakes are smooth *while* braking, but that moment when I actually stop, there is a loud groaning sound just before. I barely hear it when I am braking uphill, and the sound is moderate when driving on a level surface, however it is the loudest when braking downhill. All of that in reverse, if I am driving in reverse…

    I’ve removed all four tires and checked the brakes. Everything looks fine. The rear passenger drum was a little difficult to remove, but once it was off, the drum and the brakes all seemed okay. No visible warping on any of the parts, the pad wear seemed even and almost the same thickness as new pads. There was a fair amount of dust and grime, but after cleaning most of that off with brake cleaner, the groaning sound remains.

    The one thing that I noticed different about the installed pads as opposed to the new pads was that even though the thickness was about the same, the installed pads felt “slicker”. That being said, it wasn’t by much, and they seemed like they would still have more than enough “grip”.

    Any ideas?



    man this is sad, you guys dont get much response and what you do get… well, lets not start. ok kids, first of all, any brake friction surface is gonna feel “slicker” after its been worn in, this is totally normal and good. first thing to do with this vehicle is roll down the window and stick your head out to figure out if the sound comes from the front or rear brakes. then take em apart, wash of as much dirt and brake dust as you can (soap and warm water are fine). brake noises are often due to inferior friction materials (cheapo replacement pads or shoes), unevenly worn surfaces (grooved rotors, scored drums), or binding of moving parts (lube the back side and contact points on the edges of pads, lube the three contact points of shoes against the backing plates). you can buy products made just for this purpose, though a good, high temp anti-sieze paste will usually also work fine. apply just enough for a thin layer where pads contact carriers and also between back of pads and shims, be careful that it cant get onto the brake rotors or friction linings. finally, chamferring the leading and trailing edges of brake linings may also help. just remember, if you insist on saving money on your brakes, you will probably end up paying for it somehow. when all else fails, consider buying your nexts set of brakes from the original manufacturer. ok, good luck to y’all. next?



    mine groan too…checked with dealer, and brakes work fine…he says normal for Quest!



    I have always used Nissan original break pads and never have noise issues. Keep rotors in good condition too.



    sorry it’s taken so long to update this, but i didn’t have the funding for repairs until just recently. it ended up being the rear brake cylinders. once those were replaced, the groaning noise went away.

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