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    After I labored in the hot August sun to put in our child seats, my wife took her Nissan Quest to the local fire station for an appointment to have the installation checked. Lucky for me, they said it was done as well as they had ever seen, but they still managed to tighten them down even more. They gave high praise to the Quest’s safety features all around.

    Anyhow, I can see this being an invaluable service to single mothers who cannot exert enough force or weight to the seats for a tight fit. Have your local fire dept do it for you!



    Thanks for sharing! It’s nice to know there is assistance available out there.



    I live in NYC and after checking the Department of Transportation’s website in NYC, I recently learned that you can set an appointment with the DOT if you have questions about your car seat installation and/or if you want to schedule a free fitting appointment at one of their fitting stations locate throughout the city. I know some of you don’t live in NY but most likely your state has some similar options available, so hopefully this information is of some use to you.

    I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post links in these forums, but you can easily find this information by googling the words, DOT NYC CAR SEATS.



    To find a car seat tech, go to http://www.seatcheck.org/ Fire departments sometimes have a tech available but often do not. A tech will not install the seat for you but instead show you how to install the seat.



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