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    My 2004 is discoloring on the top of head lights. Have one of your experienced like Mine? It’s seems that clear coat or something is flaking off. I will try to wax it off later on today.



    Mine were cloudy and yellow when I bought my 04 used in May. I bought some used lenses on ebay that were clear. I have been told since that some detail shops can buff that out. There is a product available at some autoparts stores that does a world of good (I used it on my 1995 Camry and it made a huge difference), but it didn’t make them crystal clear. The product is called Blue Magic Liquid Metal Polish. Any one interested in some used yellowed lenses?



    This problem usually occurs now because headlamp covers are no longer made of glass but plastic( cheaper), that is susceptible to oxydation and dammaging sun rays. Personally I avoid that problem by waxing the headlamps every month or so, and using a wax cleaner twice a year. It only takes a couple of minutes each time and preserves the integrity of the headlamp and is safer at night. I’ve had my 07 for 18 mos. now and nothing wrong there. My wife’s corolla is an 05 bought 3 years ago and exposed all day long under the Florida sun and the headlamps are absolutely intact. Another problem in the southern states is the “Love bug” phenomenon twice a year.When the bug decays, it liberates an acid which permanently dammages the finish. If you don’t think much about waxing the front end, try at least to do it before each bug occurence

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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