Heater does not work after an hour, then works again if engine is switched off

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    I have a 1995 Nissan Quest with 270K miles. Few days ago when we had a snow storm and I had to run the engine while stuck in traffic, after a while (1 hour) it did not blow the hot air, as if the fan stopped working. Even when I turned it up, hardly any warm air came in. Several months ago I noticed the same thing with the air conditioning system (then the cold air stopped coming in). When the car is parked for a couple of hours, then the heating and the AC work again, but after another 30 min, the whole thing is repeated. I would be grateful for any suggestions as to what is the likely problem. Is it the fan? I have not taken it to a repair place, since it only happens after an hour of use. Thank you for any suggestions.



    It’s either the fan or the resistor. open her up and take a look. I think booth of these are under the passenger side dash.



    When you turn on the heat, the hot air come from engine, in particular, from the hot circulating coolant, however, if your coolant is not functioning, you do not get hot air.

    I had the problem when no hot air coming in, and then no coolant in my radiator and later found out was problem of water pump. But, my problem happened in spring so I had to stop at highway and open the hood and let go hot air to cool down the engine for 30 minutes before I could start and drive again down highway for about 2 miles, then I park again and open hood to cool down again before drove to auto repair another 2 miles away.

    Your seemed to happen in cold winter time that engine may not be overheat, but it seemed to me your coolant system was not working. Did you add coolant or simply water? In summer time, water is ok, but not in temperature below 32 degree.

    After your car parked for a few hours, everything back to normal, that is engine cool down, and may be coolant system working fine till overheat again. When my water pump did not work, the whole engine under hood was so hot that white steam leak out, and that’s after the car drove for about 30 minutes from work after whole day park.

    I read many books, and “no hot air” normally signals the coolant system have problem.

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