HELP!! 96 Quest dies every 5 minutes, then works fine.

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    Not just dies, theres no starter, dash lights, parking lights, wipers, interior lights, or guages. The radio looses all of it’s presets and the clock goes to 12:00
    Still have functioning headlights, horn, power windows and the blower goes to high speed (even if it’s turned off).
    I’m pretty good with electrical and mechanical systems, but this one currently has me stumped.
    The whole van works normally if we let it sit for a few minutes. That is why it is hard to detect the problem. By the time I get into the wiring, everything starts working fine.
    PEOPLE: Please don’t tell me to look for a wiring problem….thats obvious. What I need is some specific theories that could explain the problem. Is there a power or ground wire that serves the affected systems? An automatic breaker somewhere?
    We are not experiencing any blown fuses. I just bought the service manual, have not dug through the wiring diagrams yet.
    Any theories?? thanks in advance for your responses, if only for moral support.

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