Help a girl buy a quest?? (looking at a used 2004) advice much appreciated!

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    Looking for assistance, as I haven’t much experience buying used cars, and certainly not Nissans.

    I’ve been a Subaru owner since 1997, and haven’t looked back. However, the time has come to look into a larger vehicle and I’m considering a 2004 Quest Model S that is for sale private-party in my area for $7900 (but they said they’d take $7500).

    One owner (purchased new and always serviced by dealer) 87K. They are selling because kids are grown and wife’s new job requires frequent driving and so wants a smaller/more economical car.

    Drove the car yesterday and it seems to run perfectly, but I don’t know what flaws to look for. Haven’t taken it on the freeway or up any big hills, so I’ll do that before I commit.

    As I said they had all the recall work done under warranty, most recently having a rear-sensor replaced that somehow affects the airbags?

    they had front breaks replaced 15k ago, New tires 12K ago. Battery just replaced last month.


    what do I do? what do I worry about?

    My mechanic said he’d give it a thorough inspection for $92, but is that the way to go? Will that be useful to me?

    My main concern is that there is some large (re: expensive) looming charge that will hit me in the next year or so. I know some of that is just the “big unknown” but ..are there certain things that HAVE to be done around 100K? I know with Hondas the timing belt is a big issue… are there similar “must do maintenance” items with the Quest?

    any food for thought?

    thanks in advance!

    Casey (the Firebrand)



    lots of space for the 2nd row seats. Quest has more room than many other vans. In all other areas I am confident Odissey beats Quest.



    I’d just make sure that the VIN number ends with a number higher than 48,000….sometime after that Nissan fixed a lot of build issues with the first model year. If the VIN number is earlier, be cautious.



    … this generation of quest has timing chains… so it should last longer than timing-belt driven vehicles



    Dear Casey, Don’t buy it. Last year I spent $5K to repair my 04 Quest SL. Now, I am thinking about engine replacement. Sorry, 04 Quest is a piece of JUNK! I was also informed that Nissan will be stop producing Quest, Armada, Titan (all US made w/ large engines). Trust Consumer Report – A black dot for Reliability. Go w/ Sienna or Odyssey if you don’t want to spend money for repair. Don’t buy Caravan as well. Parts I worked on, 1. replaced 5 out of 6 coils and 6 spark plugs, 2. replaced ECU, 3. replaced both front lower control arms, 4. rear catalytic converter, and tires (one brand only for S and SL).



    We have owned an ’04 SE since new and now have 96,000+ miles on it with VERY few problems. As long as yours was built after # 48000, you should be fine. There was a long list of “fixes”, some recalls, but if the car was serviced at the dealer regularly, all of those issues should have been addressed. Can you see the file? Make sure you check for corrosion of the ECM. Assuming everything is in order, and the dealer is willing to give you a few thousand mile warranty, I would buy it.

    For those of us fortunate to get the later-run Quests, we love them and they have been pretty-much trouble free. One caveat, any used car is a crap shoot.



    stay away…my 04 se is the worst vehicle i have ever owned, trust me, if you want a reliable van by a honda



    I had an early 2004 model. Many problems fixed by the dealer before 50,000 miles. at 70,000 now with no problems. I love it, The largest mini van on the market with great gas mileage. Tires are a strange size. they will be more expensive. My sons Odyssey is more quiet.



    Find an 07 or above Quest. i had originally purchased an 04 SL loaded and had many issues…BRAKES!, sliding doors, exhaust, transmission to name a few. we traded it in on a new 2006 Murano and have had no issues. My wife and i just recently purchased an 07 SE loaded with low miles(30,000)and so far we’ve been very happy. also we had it certified by Nissan, 84 month 100,000 warranty.



    Buy a Toyota.



    As others have said, the 2004 is probably not the best way to go.

    Still around? What did you end up buying?



    My Quest will go before the 7yr/80,000 mile warranty from Nissan expires. I would NEVER own a Nissan or an Infiniti again. This vehicle is a piece of junk. Mine has spent at least 3 months in Nissan’s repair bays. Nissan corporates customer service policy is pretty much…you own it, it’s your problem, sucker.

    We were thinking about a Sienna but now not too sure I trust Toyota. Will probably end up in a Honda but curious to see how the VW/Chrysler/Fiat deal works out.


    Well Casey what did you finally decide? Did you pass on the 2004?

    My Quest is a 2000 and I’ve owned it since 2003.(Parents purchased it new in 2000).
    With the amount of mileage we put on a vehicle in all kinds of situations, with use and
    We had the timing belt replaced @ around 130,000 miles (recommended for 90k I believe) but I was prepared for that. (My first Nissan, a Sentra needed its replaced @ 125,000 mi)so regardless of which vehicle you decide on, I would recommend finding out *if* the vehicle, (depending on the mileage) has already had this replaced because if not, it will be in the not too distant future, depending on the miles on the vehicle.

    I was really surprised to read about the 2004 and all of the problems its had! What happened, or what big changes were made for that year? Does anyone know?

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