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    Hi all I have a 2006 Quest base with 45k miles and for a month the increasing noise that I was getting I THOUGHT was a tire that was cupping, as it had kind of a “whump whump whump” sound to it… I even replaced the tires even though all they had was REALLY light feathering… but the noise remained. I

    It’s increased now (happens even when coasting in neutral btw).. could it be a hub bearing? It’s somewhere in the front, no real shake, but I can change the pitch with hard yaw to the left… at which point it almost completely goes away.

    I guess the reason I ask is that I always thought when a hub went bad, it was a continual grind sound or hum (that changes pitch with lean) but it was CONTINUAL, not like this whump-whump-whump sound. But I’m getting more convinced its the LF hub assy. Could I be right? Any input as soon as possible would help!




    Both our front wheel bearings went out and made a similar noise. Got so bad we finally had it fixed as it was driving us nuts.



    Yep, front hub bearing! Our 07 front passenger 2 months ago and did the passenger rear this morning.

    Best price I found was here for brand name bearings:

    Pretty simple to swap



    TIMKEN Part # HA590046 4.5 in. Bolt Circle Diam; 5.354 in. Flange Diameter; 1.621 in. Flange Offset; Rectangle Flange Shape; 65.95 mm Wheel Pilot Diam ;FWD; Front

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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