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    2008 quest

    Hello, I’m a new member. hope all of you are doing good!
    I have a problem with my doors locking. I bought it new and for the last few months the doors have been locking and unlocking by their self, even when key is left in the switch? It happened today with my wife, She left the keys in the switch went in the house for a couple hours come out and all doors was locked except the sliding door on driver side? Now we went out to eat a couple weeks ago I locked the doors come out of resturant and the doors was unlocked (I’m sure we are not hitting the key fob) cause like I said my wife left keys in switch… And I know on two ocasions the doors locked on my wife (When she left them unlocked) and the key fob would not open it,And she stuck the key in the door manually and it still would not unlock??? But she finally kept pushing the buttons on the fob and it unlocked. Does anyone have any ideas what this could be? Dealership said they never heard of this problem…

    Please help! TIA, Rodney

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