High pitch sound. Like the sound that you hear on that Knight Rider Kit Car sound.

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    Has anyone experience this problem?

    When I 1st start the van and drive for a little bit, there is no noise. Then about 3 min later I hear this high pitch whining noise, just like that sound you would hear on the Trans Am Kit Car from the 80’s TV series “Knight Rider.” Sounds like a jet engine sound or those moving robots from “Dr. Who” or some future Science Fiction show that has the automobiles sounding like a jet engines.

    The whining sound stays the same whether if I am stopped at a drive thru, stop at a traffic light, parked on the driveway, or on the move. The sound pitch stays the same even when I accelerate. There is no increase or decrease in sound, just one note sound that remains constant no mater what, until I turn the van off. Sound is coming from the lower passenger side of engine compartment and it is not the Serpentine Belt.

    Can someone tell me what the hell is going on. I am willing to trade your problems for mine.



    …..First off, this is a great running van with 180K miles. No check engine lights. In the summer, this thing gets astoundingly good gas mileage! -Steady cruise control at 55-60 mph yields an honest 29-30 mpg so the base tune must be great. BUT in the Michigan cold weather the mileage tanks bigtime and it gets only 18-20 mpg where in the summer, 25-26 mpg is common for the same roads and routes….. The only difference is the season. -Any help would be appreciated. 🙂



    Sounds like maybe a bearing noise? Maybe in the alt, waterpump, Power steering?
    Does it change with AC on or off? Change when you turn hard to right or left? I know some of the quest and xterra’s had a electrical whine in the system, not sure about yours

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