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    The other day my ’95 Quest started up alone in the garage, backed itself out, and hovered over a nearby cornfield (I followed it) for nearly 30 minutes. Then it split into 3 orbs and sped off. Next morning it was back in my garage but the wife got a near fatal shock when she touched the door handle. And all the neighbors’ pets went missing. Should I be concerned? Should have bought a Honda.



    This sort of problem doesn’t usually happen with the Japanese vehicles. The problem can stem from one of three different issues. The good thing is that the fix is the same for all three. You will need a specialty tool available at most Wallmarts or Big 5 stores. Ask for a product model 500 or 870, these are made by Mossberg and Remington respectively. Also ask the clerk to direct you to an accessory for either. What you want is “12ga 00”. You will also need a painters dropcloth. Once home unwrap your new items. The painters cloth goes on the ground first. Insert one of the 12ga 00 into the 500 or 870. Now would be a good time to call in the wife or children if you have either. Additionally you might want to call in the neighbor kids or anyone knocking about on the street. Once you have your audience follow the directions that came with the 500 or 870 for “operation”. Place the round tubular end in mouth. Insertion of about 1-3 inches is ideal. Activate the unit by depressing the lever near the opposite end of the unit. Repeat if necessary. Prior to activation you may encourage your family and neighbors to follow the same procedure. I hope this helps, I know how embarrassing that this problem can be.
    Good luck,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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