How to access the windshield wiper linkage

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    2004 Quest windshield wipers were frozen to the glass after recent icing. Found the wiper selector on after subsequent startup. I don’t know how long it tried to move the wipers but long enough to pop off the linkage from the wiper motor. The 30 amp fuse is not blown, I can hear the motor cycling when selected on, and the wipers can be easily moved by hand. Anyone ever had this happen and what am I up against reconnecting the linkage?



    Just recently had this same problem. Have you resolved your issue?



    1. Operate the wiper motor, and stop it at the auto stop position.
    2. Remove wiper arms from the vehicle. Refer to WW-26, “Removal and Installation of Front Wiper Arms,Adjustment of Wiper Arms Stop Location” .
    3. Remove the cowl top extension. Refer to EI-18, “Removal and Installation” .
    4. Disconnect wiper motor connector.
    5. Remove wiper frame assembly mounting bolts, and remove
    wiper frame assembly.
    6. Remove wiper motor from wiper frame assembly.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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