How to replace rear lug nuts?

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    I’m mechanically minded, just absent minded by the recent attempted install of the wrong lug nuts on my van’s rear end! I stripped 3 of the 5 lugs while I was replacing the rear brake pads and need to replace those lugs now.

    Can someone explain how I get to the lugs? On typical front disc cars I could tap and loosen the whole disc and pull it off to get to the lugs. Can this be done on this van or is there a trick to it?



    Thanks to all who wrote about the brakes, my fiance and I argue about this as he says I am too hard on my brakes, he has to replace them about every 4-6 months. I drive about 26oo miles a month. I do not drive agressively nor do I ride my brakes. I live in a hilly area and have to stay at speed limit, but anyway it was so helpful to see that I am not the only one that has had problems with brakes wearing out so fast.



    I think the whole bearing hub assembly is one piece. At least that’s how it is in the front. I am guessing you will have to pull the rear hub assembly out and then knock out the bad lugs off, then install the new ones.



    THe brakes on the 2004-05 are a weak point of this van. They “warp” easily. Nissan has issued a technical service bulletin on how to deal with the brakes warping. It has to do with cutting the rotors while still on the van using the ProCut system and changing a few pieces of hardware. I normally have an independent mechaninc do my brake work. I may go to the dealer and give this a try.

    BTW, Nissan refers to the warping as “Judder”.

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