I have a very sharp vistle noise comming when start my 2004 Nissan Quest

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    I have 2004 Nissan Quest. Every time when i start it. It makes vistle noise for few seconds and then disappeared. Anyone know what is the problem?



    Check your oil level. If this is OK, I would have a mechanic take a look at it.



    There’s an exhaust component (a “Gusset”) that fell apart on ours making that sound until it was replaced.



    Ours has been doing this for about a year now, but only for about 5 seconds. We have 100k miles on it.



    Check on the first page of this section for Timing Chain rattle fixed for 80 bucks. It sounds like this could also be the issue. I would do the easy stuff first, check oil level.

    Timing chain rattle on start up is common for this motor, and is present in the Altima and Maxima with these motors.



    My timing chain and tensioners were replaced on my 2004 Quest back in 2008 by Nissan at 80,000 miles because of a startup rattle that persisted more than 30 seconds. After that point I only used Valvoline synthetic oil and a Mobile 1 extended performance oil filter M1-110 every 3500 miles and never experienced any start up rattle even during the witer months. Last oil change at 160,000 miles I decided to try a bosch oil filter and Castrol synthetic because autozone had a package deal going on. After about 3000 miles of driving my wife informed me she heard whining sound at idle coming from engine. The next morning I started the van and discovered the 5 second start up rattle was back. I changed the oil on that day with valvoline sythetic oil and a new Mobile 1 M1-110 filter and the rattle lasted about a second and the whining sound at idle was gone. 2000 miles later the startup rattle is less than second. I am sold on the flow characteristics of the M1-110 and will not go back to the other off brand filters. I did notice the book now calls for a M1-108 oil filter for my van but it is a much smaller filter. I recommend using the M1-110 since it has a larger area to filter the oil. You might want to try an oil that has cleaning to clean up oil sludge in the tensioners and lines that feed it. You may also try having an engine power flush done by an auto shop. Good luck.




    i bought a use dvd video for my 2004 nissan quest my quest did not come wired where can i get the wiring harness for my minivan i am badly in need of these wires please reply as soon as possible thank you.

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