ignition problems

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    Recently I had the knock sensor and o2 sensors replaced.
    That was the solution to check engine light.
    I am not a car expert so I trusted the repair tech.
    I noticed , and I think this was even happening before I did above,
    that in order to start the car I need to press on the gas pedal a little.
    Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong?
    Why the engine does not start without using the gas pedal.

    Edit: I forgot to tell that once it starts and i drive for some time then it works fine.




    can you remove the intake tube from the air filter and into the throttle body?

    look inside the throttle body to see if there’s any gunk on the valve… they also have specific cleaners for that (just don’t use carb cleaner/ too abrasive)



    After replacing the O2 sensor rear and reset the codes. Two days after, drove 10 miles and came to a stop light. the engine started to missing fire or not enough fuel then stalled. The engine did not start unless cool down for 20 mins. then started right up drove it for 10 miles and stop at idle for less then two mins. engine stall again. Engine check light code P0325 knock sensor and P0340 camshaft positioning sensor. After ruling out the compatiblity of O2 sensor and Checking the O2 sensor fuse was not faulty. Fuel pump was found to have low pressure flow. Replaced Fuel pump and filter, problem solved. Notice: on highway driving problem did not occur but on idle sitting for 3-5 mins. engine shut down. Note: Fuel pump output is not compatible for this engine. Van has 180,000 miles

    Part II
    After replacing the Fuel Pump and Relay. The same problem came back Engine stalled. This time I removed the Distributor Assy found that the bearing was lose that gave the camshaft Positioning sensor false indication to the ignition coil for misfiring event. Replaced Distribution and reset code P0325/0340, this solved the problem. It has been one week continous driving, no problem. Final answer

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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