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    I have owned a 1996 Villager since 2008. I just bought a 2000 Quest GLE. It failed inspection (among other things, a whole bunch of front end parts), because the inspector could not get the wipers to work. I explained to him that the ignition switch is a little sticky and all you have to do is nudge it a drop counter-clockwise after the engine starts and, Bingo, the accessory power goes on. The shmuck said that it still fails, since it doesn’t function normally, what if a little old lady were to drive the car? she may not know what to do and the wipers wouldn’t go on! I didn’t have a choice (unless i paid for a new inspection fee and went to a normal human being). After studying the problem on line, at first I thought I would need a new ignition cylinder with the switch and all. But after finding some videos on Youtube I discovered that possibly the switch was removable from the cylinder and the spring could be fixed. I found that on the Quest/Villager, the switch is not sold separately from the lock cylinder. However, I was thinking of going to a pull-it-yourself junk yard to get the part. In any case I removed the switch, 1. I removed the lower steering wheel cover, then the switch which is held on with 2 screws to the end of the cylinder (the inner screw was a dog to get out since there is little clearance with the dash cover. i used a stubby hex shank phillips bit in a 1/4″ socket in a 1/4″ drive.). Of course i removed the negative battery cable first (or i would have shorted the whole thing). Once the switch came out I could see the bar slot on the switch, and the bar up the cylinder. I sprayed both with electrical component cleaner (and lube). I reconnected the battery and tested the switch with a flathead screwdriver in the bar slot. It worked every time. The spring is internal in the switch. it is not serviceable. After the cleaning put it back and tested it again; it worked fine, as soon as I let the spring return the key, the radio and wipers went on without need to nudge it counter-clockwise. I disconnected the battery again and put the screws back. The inner one I only hand tightened with the stubby bit.



    That is such a hassle to go through all that. I heard too that Nissan announced Thursday that it will be recalling almost 250,000 vehicles around the globe over an issue sensor that can lead to fuel leaks. So the switch ignition problem you encountered is just among a lot of other problems. There also were recalls of almost 1,000 vehicles for faulty airbag. I read about an article on that at: cardealexpert.com/make/Nissan. That sure is a lot of Nissan.

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