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    Do you think quest owners that have ECM problems or other common problems such as brake rotors and tires wearing out fast as a matter of safety of the drivers of them (2004+ Quest models) in late of the news of toyota’s recall of their safety issues?! I think if an ECM gives out when you are driving or the tires are bad way before their time (obviously driving conditions and usage very) is a safety issue, and an expensive repair that could be prevented if they just change it out or put a coating on where the rust usually eats the ECM, as far as the tires I’ve read in the forums it could be the camber settings……just a thought I would hope could be presented to goverment since here in the forums it is a huge issue and lawyers are a constantly called because of these problems.



    typed that one way to fast, the question is should Quest owners be able to get a grievance and repair or recall since these issues are also very common and almost guaranteed? HA sorry all for the side tracking.



    In Canada one can file a complaint with transport ministry. If I were you, I’d found the same for your country and complained anyway. Squeaky wheel gets the oil.



    If this happens to you, yes, you should file a report with Its a simple online form.


    I’ll tell you something. No one would even care about it so there is no point cause the 04 quest is already 6 years old. No one cares anymore. Here are some facts about the ECM issue that you should know:

    1. It only effects 2004 model year Quest’s and no other years after that.

    2. The rusted ECM issue only effects certain vin numbers and not all.

    3. If it was a safety issue, it would of been issued a recall. I’ve already had the ECM problem and it’s not going to cause you to get into an accident or drive off the road. Some people exaggerate like crazy just to make some money. What the van will do is just lose power “slowly” and misfire. It actually gives you enough time to pull over and park it on the side of the road. It’s not like something crazy happens and you drive off the road with it and die. So it won’t be issued a recall as it’s not a safety issue.

    4. Have you noticed there is not one Technical Service Bulletin on the rusted ecm issue? You wanna know why? Because it hasn’t happened to enough people to be issued a bulletin. In order for something to be issued a bulletin it would have to be happening to alot of people. I spoke to my service advisor and he told be out of the whole tri state area up east here it has only happen to a few dozen of people. Which is not alot when you think about how many 2004 Nissan Quests are on the road today in the entire U.S.

    5. Don’t compare it to Toyota’s accelerator or brake issue cause what’s going on with them is a totally different LIFE THREATENING issue. What’s happened to them has effected millions and millions of their cars.

    6. I don’t know whats tire problem your having but don’t buy cheap tires and don’t stick with OEM. I had the same problem and switched to Bridgestone Turanza tires. Cost me $170 for each tire. 55,000 miles later the tires look brand new and only 25% of the tread is gone. There still quiet as they use to be with no wearing or cupping. Remember everytime you change your tires or suspension, make sure that you get an allignment cause it will just wear the new tires too.

    You guys jump into this law suit garbage and sometimes people forget that all vehicles have problems no matter what. My friend bought a new Acura TL and it has this rattle inside and he is already jumping into a Lemon law issue and whining about it.

    ALL VEHICLES HAVE PROBLEMS!! Nothing is made to last forever. Eventually a part fails. I highly doubt Nissan would of known about the rusted ECM issue in the first place cause it’s not like it happens over night. It takes years for it to happen.



    I feel you are posting some quite controversial articles here, care to elaborate what your connection to Nissan is?


    I don’t have any connections to Nissan. I just know they make some solid vehicles. My friend back in college had a Maxima that had 342,000 miles on it and still running the same original engine and tranny. The Quest just had alot of problems not only cause it was the first model year, but also cause it was built here in America. Did you know that the only Nissan’s that were built here in America, especially at the Canton, Mississippi plant had nothing but problems? That’s why Nissan is moving production of the Nissan Quest back to Japan cause quality issues are poor here in America.

    I’m not taking up for Nissan, it’s just I know all vehicles have their own problems. I remember a few years ago Honda Odyssey’s were having transmission issues cause the parts were made out of specification. It effected thousands and thousands of them. Go to a Honda Odyssey forum and you’ll find out.

    I also use to own a Mercedes E350 and before it reached 93,400 miles the engine blew cause the timing chain screwed up and practically detonated the entire top of the engine block. Yes it was an interference type engine.

    My Quest has 107,000 miles now as of March 23rd, and I’m still on the original engine and tranny with zero issues. Only things I had to screw with replacing were some suspension and emission parts. I’m going to continue running the vehicle till it has well over 300,000 miles. I paid $40K for this back in late 2003 and I will make sure I get my use and every penny out of it 🙂

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