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    Hello, I hate to ask a question but we are on vacation and on the way to our destination, our 97 Nissan Quest lost the ability to keep speed on the highway in the middle of a two hundred mile trip. The gas pedal was so hard to press down and when it was pressed it acted like was bogging down and did not want to accelerate at all.
    We let it cool off for about 10 minutes or so, wiggling the plug wires for no other reason that to just attempt to do something. After that period it started up fine and we continued on until it did it again in the middle of rush hour traffic. We had it towed to our vacation destination and it has been parked every since. I have been told several things to try and have done most of them, the most involved was cleaning the throttle body with cleaner which has been done. It seems fine but I do not want to risk another exspensive tow bill.
    Someone said maybe a fuel pump. Would that make the gas pedal hard to press down?
    I am at a loss. We are taking it to get the codes read, if there are any, to maybe get a clue as to what system it could be. Has anyone ever had this problem? I tried to search but terms like gas pedal are too generic it seems.
    The only lucky thing is we have access to the internet where we are.
    Thanks for any help. There is a Nissan dealer about 10 miles away but I wanted to try this first before they rip me a new one and possibly not solve the problem.



    That’s an interesting problem that you have. I’ve never actually heard of anything like that. First thing I’d try is working the throttle manually. The movement should be smooth with a decent amount of pressure from the spring in the throttle body. Now does it not accelerate because the pedal doesn’t go down far enough or does the pedal go down without any noticeable change in speed as well as being hard to push down? After checking the throttle body and it drags weird disconnect the throttle and cruise control cables. Check again if the throttle body still drags then there is a mechanical problem with the throttle body. The next part you might need a little help. Grab the throttle cable with some pliers have an assistant slowing work the accelerator pedal. If it drags it’s most likely the throttle cable. I haven’t looked under the hood of my car lately but I don’t think that the cruise cable would cause and drag.
    Take Care,



    Well I forgot to log back on and say what was wrong with the van. It seems that the little amount of black I was able to clean out of the throttle body was the culprit. The van has been fine every since. Even tried to pay Nissan while we were still on vacation to look at it, and they told me they thought I fixed it myself and there was no need to throw away money to have them look at it.
    They said it does not take much build up at all to stick it closed like it did. I still don’t believe it though but it is running fine. Thanks for the answer anyway.

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