Intake manifold water transfer tubes.

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    I own a 97 quest, travel alot, do all repair work (as an amateur). There are a few water transfer hoses that connect to the plennum via pre-formed hoses/tubes. One has failed it must be replaced. Vitually no access. Nissan OE says these 4 pcs are no longer available. Any suggestions on how to replace or any other suggestions ?




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    As you have found out, support for the older Quests is being discontinued by Nissan. Not all parts at the same time but as it is convenient for Nissan. I have a ’96 Quest and was able to get a 1/2″ hose for the IAC valve recently. For the water hoses, the parts atores have formed hoses of different sizes and I have either found a generic 1/2″ hose that fit directly or one that needed to be cut. regardless, these hoses are half the price as the Nissan ones are/were.

    Good Luck
    David ’96Q 195k

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