iPod to SAT Hookup

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    I’m looking for information about integrating the iPod to the SAT input of the 2005 Nissan Quest. I’ll update this thread as I get more information. The way I look at it there are three or four levels of integration:

    1. Connect iPod to Quest via DVD auxillary input, a simplistic, not very functional, but very quick and easy method.
    2. Connect iPod to Quest via SAT input sound only
    3. Connect iPod to Quest via SAT input with charging
    4. Connect iPod to Quest via SAT input with charging and stereo controls
    5. Connect iPod to Quest via SAT input with charging, controls, and informational display.

    I think I’m dreaming with the last one, but the 4th option should be feasible. I know for a fact I can pull off #3.



    Here is a collection of part numbers and accessories I’ve found on various electronics sites. I’m going to hunt for awhile (dreaming of #5) before I try one out. Just with the parts I foudn tonight, option #3 is alive.

    • Blitzsafe UII Universal Interface for iPod around $70 : gives charging and RCA output interface to iPod. Charging is by direct wire
    • Peripherals PXNI 2003-05 Nissan/Infiniti DUAL Auxiliary Input Adapter : provides RCA input interface to the SAT connection
    • Peripherals PESWIX Steering Wheel Interface : may provide dash controls, but compatibility is not listed. Requires IR module on iPod
    • PAC AAI-NIS : auxillary input for 2004+ Quest with SAT option
    • PAC SWI-X : infrared learning remote for integration with dash controls. Requires IR module on iPod


    Hello, I have a05 Quest and was wondering where you get these parts, also any advice on accessign the Radio (taking apart the dash)?




    I was able to find some of these online via Google’s Froogle search.

    Unfortunately I’ve been spending all my time recently on the technical underpinnings of this site and haven’t gotten around to my iPod mods. I need to get my priorities back in order 😉



    I ordered the parts today and inspected the console to see how it will come apart. It will not be too easy, but is definitely possible. I’ll post a extensive article when I get it completed, hopefully by the end of the month.





    I found this part in my search for the perfect installation of my iPod in my 2004 Quest SL. http://www.yournissanparts.com/catalog.aspx?storename=nissanofturnersville&DeptID=188852&ItemID=9380111&detail=1

    Anybody tried it?



    I’ve got this and the accompanying harness on hold at the dealership where I traded my ’04 SL for an ’06 SE on Saturday. They quoted $205 for just the parts, or $279 installed, and having them install it puts it under the 3/36 new car warranty, too. Thus, I’m having them install.



    I found the following parts from Nissan:

    999U7-ST000 and 999U7-NS000 and they claim it works on the 2006 Quest. They also believe it should work with the 04 and 05, but there is no details on it. The parts are 225$ and 35$ here in Canada. Since I cannot return them if it doesn’t work, I am seeking experience on them…

    Also, there is this one I would like to know if anybody tried it : USA Spec iPod® Interface. For some reason, they don’t list the Quest from 04 to 06…

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