Jerky power steering problem. 1999 Quest

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    The power steering was low in my van and it sometimes made it hard to steer. I put regular power steering fluid in it and now it barely works. Sometimes it will turn and stop and then turen more and stop and so forth. Makes it very hard to turn. Somewhere I read that you should use regular transmission fluid instead of power steering? Can anyone help me. My wife needs her van back but she is unable to drive it this way!


    I have the same problem. i just had my van serviced and it appears the steering belt be replaced on mine. i do know that there was a Steering rack and pinion recall on the 1999 Nissan Quest in 2001 and I just bought my van off this guy and am just finding this out and I cannot reach him to find out if he ever got it fixed.

    I would take it to a Nissan Dealer to see if your van is on that recall list for the rack and pinion then go from there. Also check the steering belt’s condition

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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