Just bought a 96 Quest. Couple questions/advice?

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    Hey folks. I just bought 1996 Quest, after having my 96 Villager totalled by some punk kid.

    First thing i noticed is this van lacks a bit of power compared to my Villager i figure a tune up is in order.

    Second thing I noticed is there is a bit of a rattle/rumble coming from the distributor, not at idle, but I can hear it when I pop the throttle while under the hood.

    Been doing some homework on these vans and found that the rattle from the distributor can be attributed to a loose timing belt. the guy i bought it from said he just did the timing belt. Now I neither believe him, nor am confident in his ability to do it right.
    does this sound like I am on the right track? or is the distributor a possibility?

    If this guy did do the timing belt its possible he got it off a tooth, would that set one of the cam over retard/advance codes? how much does it have to be off to set these codes?

    Finally, and I know you have all heard this one before…

    Is this motor an interference motor?

    Just when i think i know the answer, i find something claiming the opposite.

    Thanks a bunch,




    The distributor usually rattles/squeals when engine is at idle. Timing belt is most loose when engine is at idle. As engine rpm goes up or increase in load, the timing belt gets tightened up by the tensioner. Having said this, the distributor rattle noise should not be happening as rpm goes up.

    Sounds like your problem is something else. If the previous owner claimed he did the timing belt maintenance, then this very well could be the problem. He might not have installed the belt correctly. It could be the tensioner was set too loose.

    Usually it would take 2 or more cam teeth to throw CEL for skipped timing belt. One tooth is somewhat equivalent to +/- 5 degree ignition timing, so 2 teeth = 10 deg off is quite a whole lot for the ECU/ECM to adjust this offset at idle base timing.

    The motor is non-interference motor.


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