Just changed brakes on 2004 Quest, now some strange stuff happening

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    I performed a brake job on my Quest van. Here’s what was done.

    -Both front rotors replaced with new ones.
    – Read rotors, turned.
    -Replaced the brake pads on all wheels.

    When I start driving a low speeds, I hear a grinding, or squealing noise. When at normal speed, I don’t hear it. When I brake I don’t hear it. Also, I am seeing some smoking coming from the front of the van after I took it out and ran it fast and tried stopping. I’ve read up on the net about this van, and I can say the following.

    – sprayed brake cleaner on the rotors but didn’t wipe off.
    – new pads are smeimetallic, but I checked Oreilly and AutoZone and these don’t come with Shims so it that an issue that I don’t have any now.

    – Didn’t have problems compressing the caliper piston. But could it be a caliper not disingaging?

    Help guys please! Thanks!



    most likely you have a stuck caliper that is not releasing from the rotor. One of the caliper pins has a rubber sleeve on it and that sleeve swells and won’t let the caliper slide like it needs to and instead keeps the pad with pressure on the rotor. Take that pin out, remove the rubber o-ring, reinsert the pin, and you’ll be fine. It is there for noise or chatter reduction but it is worse to have it doing what it is than to put up with a little noise if any at all. You can buy a repair kit that has new caliper pin o-rings and caliper dust boots for about $15. Or, you can run without the o-rings like I do.



    Since you have noise at slow speed, go find an empty parking lot and bring a friend. Have that person walk along side the car and see if they hear the noise and find which side.

    Once you determine which side, take everything apart and double check all components and torque all bolts to spec.

    Since you said you turned your rear rotors, that means you removed them. If so, did you adjust the parking brake? Make sure they are not dragging when you put them back together. Did you try spinning both rear wheels when they were jacked up?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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