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    Last week I was driving my van and after in started to hesistate and run rough at low speeds at the end of my 20 mile drive home from work. I thought I got bad gas, the next morning I drove to work without a problem and on the way home It started to right rough and vibrating and it stalled out and died. I opened the hood of the engine and the between the heat shields of the exhaust manifold was glowing bright red. I had the vehicle towed to my mechanic, and when he got it into the shop the next day it ran fine with no problem. He said he did get one error code for Knock Sensor and it would be $570 to replace , and he was not sure that it would fix the problem. He tested the fuel injectors etc… I had him clear the code and replace the fuel filter. However, on the way to work once I was on the highway driving 65 miles per hours and started to right really driving rough and vibrating heavily. I got of the exit and drove a few more miles and it died on me I got it restarted and had to hold the gas down all the way to accelerate. Is it the catalytic converter that needs replaced. If it is the Knock Sensor why would the exhaust be glowing cherry red. I need your help.



    The knock sensor (KS) will NOT cause any failures. KS is telling you that the engine was running rough and you already know that. The problem is somewhere else. Ask your mechanic to search in the pending codes or 1st trip DTC.



    The Knock sensor is designed to do just what the name implies. It rarelym if ever, needs to be replaced unless it’s not working. I had a situation a few months ago with the engine light on and the knock sensor throwing a code. Mechanic said 2 plugs were misfiring and basically teh van needed a ‘tune up”. He wanted to replace the plugs, ignition wires and distributor and the KNOCK SENSOR which by itself was going to run ~$350. After a little research, I told him he could do the plugs, the wires and cap but NOT change teh knock sensor. The van had no issues since

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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