How To: Knock Sensor Relocate on 2000 Nissan Quest

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    My van had been showing a faulty knock sensor code ” P0325 ” ON MY ScanGauge ever since I purchased it years ago.

    The knock sensor code does not set off the Check Engine light and the only way to know there is an issue with it is if you scan the vehicle.

    I was told that the knock sensor would not create drive ability issues .

    I had ordered a knock sensor on eBay months ago that included the pigtail also however because the whole top of the motor had to be removed in order to replace it I had not attempted to replace it until just a few days ago while doing some research I found a video that explained that the knock sensor could be relocated without taking the top half of the motor off.

    I watched the video and used the instructions from the video description and successfully relocated my knock sensor on my 2000 Nissan Quest !

    Now there are NO more engine codes and would you believe that the van is actually running better?

    Below is a link to the YouTube video by ” Tony2005 contour ”
    1999 Mercury Villager/Nissan Quest Knock Sensor Relocation P0325 Code

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    Hello, I’m trying to do this knock sensor relocation on a 4\99 mercury villager. The white wire is 4 spots down on the back of the c149 connector but it is labeled pin 6 and the wires above and below are different colors than the video. Pin 37 is on the other side and is an orange wire. Did your connector match the one in the video exactly? Thanks

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