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    Hi All,

    I have a 2006 Quest, and it’s been -5 degrees. I had an entirely flat tire yesterday. Tire dealer says it’s leaking from the pressure sensor.

    I called the dealership, and I told the service guy about this, to which he replied quickly “Yep.” I asked if I can get the tire replaced under my lease, and he said “we’ll take a look at it and see.”

    Any history of this with you guys? I looked for service bulletin, can’t find one yet about this.



    When the temperture goes down, you will lose pressure in the tires. I don’t know the exact correlation.

    I thought the pressure sensor is apart of the valve.



    I knew it!! I have had this happening with my 2006 Quest three times now!! All of them when the weather has been cold. The first time the vehicle was just 3 months old and when I called the dealer they told me to take it to the Goodyear dealer as Nissan did not cover the tire. I took it to NTB and they told me I had a bad pressure sensor. Then I took it back to the Nissan dealer and they did not want to believe me. After much aggravation they finally decided to check the tire and sure enough found the pressure sensor to be defective. Then, to make things worse, they replaced the sensor but did not register it with the car computer so I drove the van for a couple of months with the flat tire alarm on all the time.
    A few days ago when it was really cold around here (0F) I was driving on the highway and got another flat tire. Of course I only noticed it when it was too late since I did not trust my instrument panel. I put the spare tire on and drove back home leaving the van in my garage. Two days later I noticed something looked funny with the van and sure enough I had ANOTHER flat tire. This was my third one!! Then I called Nissan and said that I needed a tow to bring the van to the dealer since the car was inoperable. Well, I guess I was too naive to think that they would send me help.
    I used my AAA membership to have the van towed to the nearest Nissan dealership and after again having to explain that I did not have a tire problem but rather believed I had TWO bad pressure sensors they took the vehicle in. They replace both pressure sensors and, since I had asked, made sure that all four sensors were sending the information to the on board computer. I went to pick the van up today and to my surprise the low pressure tire alarm was still on, even though all four tires were indicating normal pressure. UNBELIEVABLE!!
    So, how come Nissan don’t issue a recall for these bad pressure sensors? I believe 75% of defect ratio should be considered seriously by Nissan. And how about their technical competence when it comes to double checking that sensors, computers and alarms are all in order!!
    I like the van but never Nissan again. I’ll probably get rid of it just before my warranty expires.



    Losing pressure, around 2 to 3 psi, is one thing. Not being able to count on your vehicle is another. Nissan should take a hard look at these pressure sensors and do something about it.



    I think problem is not Nissan is the Dealer, if I was you will change Dealer.
    I never have a problem with the sensors..sure I figure how annoying is to have flat tires..but the people make the work at Dealer are terrible eh.
    I check tires an average of 4 weeks to make sure air is OK and in winter time from 35 pounds tires go down around to 30..so I put 38 pounds..and sensors work show properly all times.
    My Minivan is a 2005 350-S and looking forward to get a new one in the future.
    Love it



    Looky…….nissanhelp.com…service bulletin 04038



    I own an independant shop. My Quest is a 04 and I have had the same problems with my sensors. I don’t think the problem is the sensor. For me it was the rubber seal around the valve stem hole that leaked.
    I purchaser four seals for a few dollars and have not had a problem for two years in zero degree weather. The seals go around the stem of the sensor. Although if you don’t have a tire machine it makes it very difficult to install these and you end up at your dealers mercy! These sensor seals have been a problem for nissan from day one. If you want to head off future problems at your dealer you need to get informed about your particular problem. Read, read and then read some more. Do searches on Nissan help. Know your vehichle! Go into the dealer with your homework done. The dealers around my area are usually clueless! I usually print out the bulletin and by the second time they finally read it!



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    will vavles bend if timing belt breaks on 2001 nissan quest



    I have a 2001 with 210,000 miles on it. The timing belt broke the mechanic where I had it towed told me it was an ‘interference’ engine and I’d have to replace the motor because the valves probably hit the pistons. I spent no end to the days and nights of research and found that although it has a Nissan VG33E engine which is ‘interference’ that the motor was modified for the Quest model only to be ‘non-interference.’ I verified this with several Nissan dealers in several different states. I even waited several days to get the answer straight from Nissan corporation themselves. When Ford and Nissan did the joint venture producing the Quest and Mercury Villager vans, Ford insisted that the engine be ‘non-interference’ and Nissan modified it to those conditions. I had the timing belt replaced and my Quest runs better than it ever did since I’ve had it! Needless to say it will be changed per recommendation in the future!!



    I was told the same thing. I am going to replace the timing belt and see if it will fix it.

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