Leaky Skyview AFTER TSB Fix?

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    We had water dripping out of the laundry hooks in our ’04 SE. The dealer performed the fix, as outlined in the Nissan TSB last week. Today we noticed water coming in from the same place, only a little worse.

    Anyone had their skyviews fixed only to have them leak again or still? What did they do the second time around?




    I have had my 04 Quest to the dealer 6 times with this problem. First they replaced the skyview glass and seal, next time they told me they repaired the seal. Then they told me it was actually the sunroof leaking. After lots of arguing, they replace the sunroof track free of charge. Still leaked, went back and they replace the sunroof glass, seal and drain assy.

    Well now it is raining and I still have water leaking in by the sky views. I just talked with the dealer and they are pretty much done with me and told me to call the auto glass company that replace the sky view lights. I did and he told me that he was shocked that Nissan had never told me that the van had to be parked on a level surface not to leak. How crazy does that sound?

    I am ready to be done with this van, other than how in the world can I sell it to someone?

    When I first started with Nissan, it was just a little leak, now it runs in.

    Hope that helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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