Lost power due to throttle pedal sensor's plug (not sensor itself)

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    Last Friday my van lot power when driving. Pulled onto the shoulder with the engine still running and got a passer by help to push into the parking lot. It would move back pretty well, but only coast forward.

    In the neutral gear pushing the gas pedal to the floor would only rev the engine from the idle 650 RPM to about 900 RPM. I tried driving home but gave up this idea after a block and pulled into another parking lot again.

    There I got under the dash and pulled the plug from the TPS sensor, then re-attached it. The engine started and depressing the pedal revved it up as normal. I got home (about 10 miles) and had no issues since. Read the codes and there was only one for TPS sensor. I cleared it for now.

    Then I slightly twisted every blade in the connector by about 5 degrees and slightly bent those two bottom blades that I could not grab with the needle nose pliers to twist in order to ensure more contact with the plug. The pedal works fine now.

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