Loud transmission noise when accelerating from stop

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    I recently purchased a 2005 Nissan quest and have had a few issues come up in the two weeks I have owned it. The van only had 39000 miles on it when I purchased it and seemed to be in good condition. Since the purchase both of the side doors have developed loud rattles. The rear rotors are warped, this is only noticeable above 65mph. There is also a intermittent loud clunking sound from the firewall in front of the steering wheel when accelerating from a stop.

    The main concern that I have is the noise that is coming from the transmission area when accelerating from a stop. It is only there in 1st gear and is not noticeable in other gears. The harder I accelerate the louder it is. It is very noticeable to everyone in the vehicle. The dealer that I purchased it from (Honda dealer) said that it is just the traction control. I turned the traction control off and it still does it.

    Does anyone else have this type of problem? I can deal with the rattles and rotor replacement but I have to have a reliable engine and transmission. Any other opinions would be appreciated.


    Don’t take it to a stupid honda dealer. Ughh hello it’s made by Nissan not Honda. The sound your hearing is not the transmission. It’s a loose heat shield on the exhaust system. I had the same exact problem as you did and I took it to a Nissan dealer and they fixed it. $50 later and the problem was gone. Plain and simple.

    Send me an email if you have any other concerns:





    Had the same issue and took it to a dealer today. They found a loose rock between exhaust and heat shield. Also, one of the brackets that suspends the exhaust line was cracked. The noise/vibration was happenning at about 1900-2100 RPM, when you first start moving and also getting louder when driving up the hill. Ended up paying $130, but what a relief!



    Thanks for the help. I should have done a little more research before posting this problem on here. It looks like my problem is pretty common and Nissan has released a TSB for it that most people know about. Looks like the problem is a broken exhaust gusset plate.

    On a different note, has anyone tried to readjust the sliding doors on their own to remove the rattles? I have a copy of the TSB that outlines what to do. It looks like the previous owners had the TSB done but the door is rattling again. Just wondered if anyone has had some luck adjusting the doors themselves.

    Thanks for the help!!!



    I had same problem on my 2004 Nissan Quest 3.5SL.
    Glad to learn from your experience.
    I’ll take it to Nissan dealer and show them the findings.


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