Major misfiring when warmed up

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    My apologies if this topic has been covered, I did try to search the old posts. I am a new Quest owner (wanted one for years) and I just recently bought a 98 with a disclosed issue, knowing I would need to make repairs. So, here it is:
    *Red hot catalytic converter
    *When cold, starts and idles fine
    *Soon after, starts misfiring/sputtering
    *When at running temp, misfires really bad
    *New distributor cap, new rotor, new fuel filter
    *167,000 miles
    *Every few seconds, the speedometer drops in and out

    When I bought it, the owner showed me paperwork from their local mechanic who stated that the front cat needed to be replaced in order to solve this problem. So, I did. No change. I checked a couple spark plugs, and they could stand to be replaced, but certainly did not appear to be completely wasted. I have more than several ideas (ignition coil, fuel pump, MAF, timing is off, etc..) but, I have a feeling there is a common issue here. If anyone has any insight, I would love to hear from you. Much thanks in advance, it is greatly appreciated!

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