MAJOR sludgs around camshaft HELP !

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    Backstory : I aquired the 98 quest from my Dad who told me it had a “bad oil leak”. He’d been adding oil almost daily. I found the leak coming from the lower valve cover. I ordered everything I would need to tackle this job and im ashamed to admit that I continued driving it, but just arpund the apartment complex where I live and work. Well, it died. Appeared to be a broken timing belt. I decided I would start with the oil leak first. Once I FINALLY got the intake off and down to the lower valve cover I was mortified. There is SO MUCH hardened sludge that I don’t see how it was running. My question is WHAT DO I DO ? HOW BAD IS THIS ? CAN IT BE CLEANED OR AM I LOOKING AT AN OVERHAUL ? The lower valve cover gasket is about as big a job as I can handle. That thing was rediculous to get to. Im hoping I can get it all back together …. I haven’t removed the timing cover yet , but im pretty sure the belt is broken based on how it just died and then wouldnt turn over. So break it to me….what should I do. This was gooing to be my daily driver for my wife and kids. I would really like to get it going….PLEASE HELP !!!

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