Making a key for a 96 quest

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    Im working on a friends ’96 and I have no idea how it happened but I lost the key.

    The local nissan dealer couldnt help as they couldnt make a key for anything older then 97 and they cut one and it didnt work.

    So whats the easist way to get into the car? From there I can take a lock to get a key made.




    Two possible ideas (that you’ve probably already thought of?):
    1. How about trying a Ford/Lincoln/Mercury dealer. Not sure about ’96, but for a number of years Merc sold a rebadged Quest as a Villager.
    2. Can a locksmith help?

    These ideas aren’t based on any personal experience with the problem so take them for what they are and good luck.



    I got it unlocked, I got the sliding door window open and then used something to push the unlock button. Now Im going to take a lock out and get a key made.




    You can simply go and get a locksmith.
    arizona locksmith

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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