Massive Vibration up through Steering Column

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    I recently purchased a used (less than 6000 miles on it) 2008 Quest.

    A few days after purchasing it, it developed a vibration that would shake the whole vehicle. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) – it does not do it all the time. It also does not do it at the same point: i.e. – always at 60 MPH, or always after a sudden stop.

    I took it into the shop where I get all my repair work done and they believe it to be a problem with the transmission when it tries to shift into overdrive.

    I have not seen anyone else post a similar issue here – and was wondering if any one else had experienced a similar situation.

    I saw lots of brake vibration issues, and tire issues – but this is not consistent enough to be related to those issues.



    Your Quest is still under warranty. I would try to find some pattern of when this happens and let the dealer work on it. I know it will be tough to find this pattern but the more you can tell them the easier it will be for them to diagnose the problem.



    I went for a LONG drive with the Service Manager until the van started to vibrate. He was able to feel what I was describing, so hopefully they can come up with a plan to fix it.

    It is still under warranty – so all it will cost me is time and aggravation.



    Turns out that it was all brake related – at least that is what was replaced and the vibration has ceased.

    They installed a new Switch Assembly and also a new Master Vacuum Assembly.

    Apparently the original owner had the van in around 3000 miles with a brake issue that must have been ‘fixed’ enough to satisfy her. I was not taking it back until I was satisfied that it was fixed. We’ll see if it is a long term, or short term fix.

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