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    Hello all.

    Does anyone know if either of the 2nd row seats can be unbolted without removing anything else?

    I know they fold flat but we have a couple of long trips every year where it would be handy to remove one of these seats (without messing with any under-body components like say the gas tank).

    Background: FWIW we were deciding between a new Sienna or Odyssey (several test drives each) when on a recent trip to Virginia the only minivan at the car rental agency was a 2011 Quest S. After driving it for a week I’m very impressed by the visibility (I’m 6’0). It’s the only minivan whose driver side column dosen’t block my view (seat all the way back), and I love the big mirrors and quieter ride. That said I’d really like to know (neither dealer asked did) if I can simply unbolt & remove one of the 2nd row seats with a ratchet driver without impacting anything else.

    That and why Nissan dosen’t offer (even as an option) sun-shades on any but LE models; also and why I can’t get the sunroof without the DVD player. But mostly the seat question. 🙂


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