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    I’m a 96 owner and there doesn’t seem to be many active users. I’d like to pool those few that are here and get a small community of Quest owners and make it easier for us to communicate and share ideas and projects.




    There is a Villager/Quest forum on Yahoo that has been active for years now. Prior to my ’04, I had a ’95 Villager. There is a ton of good info and many helpful folks over there. (At least there used to be – hope there still is!)



    There are very many “inactive” users to this community who only read the articles. Unfortunately, for many older vehicles you’ll find the posts revolve around significant maintenance issues and questions, which are difficult for the general public to answer. When I look at our stats, the standout is the RSS feed – absolutely huge readership, but obviously read-only.

    It typically takes a couple years for a new community to grow, and we’re about halfway through that now. Keep coming back and contributing your ideas and solutions and you’ll eventually find a great resource.



    I think a lot of DIYer’s are looking for info. There needs to be an online mechanic section. Minivans are great but it’s kinda hard to get passionate for these people movers!
    Maybe I’m wrong but I’m not gonna “pimp my Quest”.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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