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    My rotors are obviously warped again. Had them all turned under warranty once. Now I get that telltale vibration when applying the brakes. Has anyone else reached a better solution than just having the rotors turned over and over? Cause I know as they get thinner, the problem will keep happening.

    Any advice or suggested strategy to use with our friendly service advisor will be much appreciated.



    This is common for nealry all cars. Rotors these days are all relatively thin. My best advice is to just have them replaced and never turned. If you can believe this, my father’s mechanic turned his new rotors (without being asked) – last time he went there! It’s slightly more expensive, but much better for your vehicle in the long run. About the only other thing you can do is do a full upgrade on the brakes, which is a chunk of change. Although, it would be sweet to see a Quest with a giant Porsche kit…



    Just got back from the service department. They installed new rotors on the front. The old ones had only been turned ONCE but were determined to be too thin to turn. Fortunately they were still under warranty. Another 6000 miles and we’ll be footing the bill.



    Although warped rotors is a fairly common problem in many cases it can be lessened or eliminated with a non-directional finish being put on when the rotors are turned and installing a pemium pad with a high metalic content. Although most shops have the ability to machine the non-directional finish they do not unless you specifically ask for it as it takes more time ( and time is money ).
    Cheaper than new rotors and may just do the trick.



    What is the warranty? Our Quest has 33,000 miles.

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