My 1999 Nissan Quest. I love this thing…..but I have to figure out the rough

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    ITs the rough idle deal. Its intermittent, so the problem kinda comes and goes. But I have owned the van for about 7 years i think or longer actually. And I have never replaced the spark plug wires, and given all the stop leak junk that is currently gumming up my cooling system from the previous owners, im guessing they didnt do much as far as maintenance goes. So it could be a long while if ever since these plug wires were replaced.
    So i bought an ac delco set on amazon and they are set to arrive tomorrow. Im getting the p306 misfire code and a flashing engine light every other day or so. So heres hoping this fixes the issue or at least then i will know that i have replaced the old wires with new fresh ones. Then i will continue my troubleshooting. D

    Does anyone have any other ideas on this issue? Distributor possibly? I dont know the symptoms of the dreaded bearings going out in distributor these vans seem to be known for.




    It’s been a while since I saw you posting here.

    The most common fault for misfire in these vans are ignition wires. To confirm, you can check the total resistance of the spark plug cables including the distributor cover. If the resistance is too high your spark will be weak or inconsistent.

    Check their total resistance with an ohm-meter. From the connector to the internal post in the distributor cover.

    Cyl 1 6.5K ohm max
    Cyl 2 10.0K ohm max
    Cyl 3 8.5K ohm max
    Cyl 4 12.5k ohm max
    Cyl 5 8.5k phm max
    Cyl 6 11.0k ohm max

    If they are over those max values or too close, replace with a new set of wires and a new distributor cap and rotor. One of the original brands used by Nissan are prestolite. When I compared prestolite with other brands, I saw the difference in price is really justified by its quality. And REMEMBER TO REPLACE THE DISTRIBUTOR CAP AND ROTOR too.

    If the resistance is way bellow the limits, you could have an injector problem. Either clogged or bad. I would run injector cleaner anyways, use one that is safe for oxygen sensors like AMSOIL P.I.

    Distributor failure manifest in a total different way, normally it will leave you stranded and it will have the tendency to start correctly when the engine is cold and fail again when the engine warms up. There are two common failures in the distributor, one is ignition coil and the other is the distributor bearing. I would recommend you to plan on replacing the bearing. It only cost less than $10 dollars on Amazon. The replacement is not difficult and it will pay off in the long run avoiding unnecessary headaches. The bearing is a 6000ZZ which can be found for 3.77 in Amazon.




    Dangit, I should have asked you first about the best brand to use for this van. I already ordered to ac delco and they arrive today. will that brand be good?

    And I am currently dooing a job in very remote north dakota montana and its like negative 15 degrees plus really bad wind so I dont have an easy way to do much to this baby right now. is there a brand of the dist cap n rotor to get? ill probably have to order it via amazon.

    Then i want to flush the coolant really well and build some custom woodwork into the back so I can use the van as a comfy sleeper and better storage and cargo hauling options.



    AC-Delco will work, that is for sure. The question is how long will they last for and how much noise will they induce in your electrical system and radio. One thing I have learned about this engine bay is that it runs very hot and this temperature will damage the ignition wires faster.

    In my van, most of the plastic parts have become brittle because they have been cooked by the high temperature. Recently, I had to replace the main fuse box because it was too brittle and it was cracking. I got a used one from a junk that was still flexible.

    In regards to the cap and rotor, they are not as critical as the wires are. The original brand is Hitachi. But, I have had good results using MasterPro from Oreillys.

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