My Ignition Timing is at 55 BTDC?!!!!

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    So my car is a 93 Quest with 95K miles.
    Van lacks power at highways and uphills
    Bought a Nissan Consult 2 for 30$ on amazon.

    All gauges on the software work well, at first I used “ECU TALK” software…and saw timing was 55 BTDC, and when I rev the car goes up to 75 approx. and then back to 55…

    At first I thought it was the software so I installed “Conzult” later….and the gauges gave me exactly the same readings…water temp…rpms…o2 sensor etc…AC relay, injector etc…

    So I went and hooked up my timing light, and according to the “pointer” on the crank pulley, is at 15 BTDC. I remember adjusting this by loosening the distributor hold down bolt etc…

    I remember a couple years ago, a mechanic replaced the timing belt…

    Could it be POSSIBLE (in this type of engine, ive heard its an interference engine), that timing be at 55 degrees BTDC?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Even if the mechanic…lets say missed a tooth or two…either on both cam or on the crank…can it give a 55 BTDC value?

    is that possible?

    Ive replace parts the past couple years like:

    fuel filter
    intake manifold plenum gasket
    injector o rings
    TB gasket
    EGR gasket
    Cleaned all intake and egr and IAC valve
    new vacuum, fuel and coolant hoses
    Air filter
    distributor cap and rotor
    spark plugs
    plug wires
    knock sensor
    pcv valve
    oil and filter

    did all these the past 2-3 years…
    Manual says 15 degrees BTDC
    Do I need to visually inspect if the timing marks on belts and pulleys?
    off by more than 2 teeth? thanks 4 help!!

    oh and I pulled the codes with the nissan consult 2 and it only gave me “code 55” which means no malfunction recorded….


    I think you are ok as is. 15 BTDC is all you need to check. The PCM (computer controls total spark advance). If you had that much advance, you would have bad spark knock and melted pistons by now. Timing belt and cam timing is ok too. Yes, this is a freewheeling engine in Villgaer (sister van) and Quest at the request of Ford. Pathfinder & Maxima not freewheeling.

    PS> For 93-02 Quest help, visit villager quest yahoo group to supplement thi site’s help.

    Gerry from Ford



    I had this same problem with my 1995 Quest and ECUtalk reading 55 degrees. I hope this helps any who run into this problem.

    All you have to do is change the TimingOffset parameter in the ecutalk.ini file. Using a timing light I set the timing to 15 degrees at idle. I think I needed to use -40 to get my timing to indicate 15 degrees in ECUTalk. Use what works for your vehicle and double check with the timing light.

    Here is a description of the change from the web page. You need to use ECUTalk 1.3.3 or later to use this feature.

    “12/05/2008 – ECUTalk v1.3.3

    #14 Add offset option timing so US users can get correct timing readings. Add offset option timing so US users can get correct timing readings Eg, US users can correct timing values by applying -35 offset to timing value (as currently 50deg is shown for 15deg on many US cars).”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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