MY07 Power outlets – aftermarket replacements?

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    There are two power outlets in the lower-center dash area (left is 12V constant, right is 12V switched).
    The 12V constant outlet failed (verified 12V and ground at the connector.) So, I’m trying to find a OE replacement(plug-n-play) but not had much luck. Aside from a salvage yard, any ideas where to get one?

    Also, in the case of needing access to anything in the lower-middle dash area, here’s how:

    TIME REQUIRED: About five minutes

    1. remove 2 screws under driver’s knee cover
    2. pull driver’s door seal trim away from pinch-seam at dash area
    3. remove trim ring from around ignition tumbler
    4. pull lower driver’s dash trim straight outward (toward seat) to disengage clips
    5. remove lower black trim by pulling out the two black push-pins (one on each side) at base of middle dash area, where it meets the carpet and pull straight back to release the two snap-clips
    6. remove 3 screws from bottom of glove-box area on right side
    7. open glove-box, remove 2 screws
    8. pull glove-box assembly by pulling straight back to release the snap-clips, disconnect glove-box light by twisting it 1/4 turn.
    9. on each side, near floor, pull small trim panel straight out to release clips (drivers side, pull towards left side of vehicle, passenger’s side, pull to the right of vehicle)
    10. grab middle-lower dash area from each side and pull straight back to release the 4-6 snap clips
    11. disconnect both power outlet harnesses to remove trim completely.

    Reinstall in reverse order.

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