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    Howdy all of you,

    I have a problem (maybe more than one) that I am trying to troubleshoot on my ’99 GXE (111 000 km/69,000 mi). The MIL is on.

    The engine has begun abnormal shifting during 1-2 and 2-3 shift and 3-4 (overdrive) doesn’t engage while driving at 70-80-100 kph (43-50-62 mph) and even more excessive speed. 2 weeks ago, another problem occured. I was not able to drive because rpm was fluctuating between 2000 and 2200 even if I step on the accelerator.

    I borrowed a scantool and code scanned the vehicle and came up with the following fault codes:
    P0105 – Manifold Absolute Pressure/Barometric Pressure Circuit
    P0325 – Knock Sensor 1 Circuit Malfunction (Bank I)
    P1605 – A/T Diagnostic Communication Line
    P0446 – Evaporative Emission Control System Vent Control Circuit
    P1400 – EGRC Solenoid Valve
    P1705 – Throttle Position Sensor Circuit A/T
    P1105 – MAP/BARO Pressure Switch Solenoid Valve
    P1490 – Vacuum Cut Valve Bypass Valve (Circuit)

    I started troubleshooting with photocopies of the above code of the Nissan Quest 1999 service manual borrowed from the dealer. I checked the absolute pressure sensor power supply.
    1. Ignition switch “ON”.
    2. Voltage between terminal 3 and ground with tester is 0.4V (should be approximately 5V).
    3. Detect malfunctionning harness connectors (looks OK).
    4. Detect harness for open or short between ECM and absolute pressure sensor. Short (or continuity) exist between terminal 3 and ground.

    My question is:
    How do I locate the short between the sensor and the ECM? Any suggestions/answers.

    Recently, another problem occured: the radiator fan is running continuously (meaning 100% of the time). I think it is related to the thermostat but I would realy appreciate any suggestions/answers any of you could give me.

    I am on my own with this and am seeking some Nissan expertise to try and get my Quest back to running good. Thank you in advance for help you may be able to give.






    sorry this is late. I had EXACTLY the same problems with my ’99 quest GLE, i.e., abnormal shifting and fluctuating rpm/jerking/bucking. I mistakenly took it to Firestone. After a diagnostic test, they called me back and said it was due to broken motor mounts, knock sensor malfunction, etc. I naively let them do the work for about $1500. When I went to pick the van, I was told it wasn’t ready. Anyway, 3 days later, it was still not ready, and they said they expected someone who was a Nissan expert to come look at it. On the fourth day, I got a call that it was ready to go. I asked what the problem was, and they said the distributor had some metal shavings in it, and is fine now after they cleaned it out. Out of ignorance, I did not query them to find out whether this was the original problem, as I automatically assumed that they were being nice and fixed an additional problem. The other thing was that the print out they gave me had NOTHING about this distributor problem. This was the week after Memorial Day weekend (end of May, 2007).

    Exactly 3 months later, we drove for about 50 miles out of town for the Labor Day weekend, and guess what? we had exactly the same problem again. I was furious and took it back to Firestone.

    They looked at it, called me to say that “We had recommended that you change the distributor last time, but you declined. Your distributor is bad and it will cost about $900 to replace”. I told them to do nothing, went there and asked to speak to a manager. He was surprisingly knowledgeable, and I suspect he may have been the Nissan “expert” who cleaned out the distributor the first time. Anyway, he explained that cleaning the distributor was a temporary fix, and that they had recommended that I change it at my convenience. He now printed out a page from my last visit, which I was NEVER given, that stated the same thing he was telling me. Well, I told him to clean it out, and I was going to change the distributor with someone else, because they evidently neglected to tell me that the first time as I had paid them $1500 for something that was totally unrelated to the problem.

    If you haven’t fixed yours, look into the distributor. Good luck!

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