Need to change my plugs, but have some questions

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    Hi all,

    I’m nearing the 105k plug change time on my 2004 Quest… I’m guessing this applies to other Nissan models too so I’m hoping someone can help me out.

    It’s one of the newer design where there aren’t any plug wires – instead there’s some sort of ‘boot’ that connects directly.

    Do I need to replace all 6 boots like I would the older style wires when I change the plugs or are those good for multiple plug changes? I ask because they’re crazy expensive – something like $40/ea.




    Unless you have alot of experience, I would take it somewhere. You have to take the top of the intake manifold off and it’s hard as hell to get to the bolts in the back. You can’t see them so you have to go on feel. Getting them off, hard. Getting them back on, a pain in the arse. I haven’t done it on the Quest yet, but I did them myself on my 2k2 Maxima which has the same engine. The coil packs themselves are easy to remove, but you have to be gentle with them once removed.



    I am in the process of removing the intake manifold in the wife’s 2005 VFQ35.
    I am affiliated with,, and We do a lot of work on all makes and models. This one
    seems to be the hardest one to find information on, so I will place a
    link of just how it gets done……..when we finished……pics and all…



    Yes this is not a easy job for those out there that are not mechanicaly inclined. I will be doing the plugs in my 05 Pathfinder in about 10K miles, it will be a good 2-3 hour job; I can’t see the Quest being much more difficult except that additional parts need be removed. The access is very intimidating in the Ques but in order to have more room the cowl must be removed, this is stated in the service manual. I think once this is out of the way the job is easier.
    Anyways post pics. of the job when you do so.

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