Need to replace 2004 Quest factory stereo. Options?

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    My Quest stereo has gone bad and I need to replace it. I like to find out what are my options are. New one would be too expensive and used are probably hard to find. Any aftermarket what would fit easily???



    I’m in the same boat and haven’t found a solution either. If you do please post.



    Go to they can look up stereos by make of your vehicle and let you know which ones will fit. They also have fairly reasonable prices.



    If you have the factory navigation system you may not be able to do this.

    But the CD player in the console is the same size as a standar Radio. Hopefully I wont get introuble for posting a link. I am not trying to spam anyone or sell a particular product. Just tring to help out fellow Quest owners.

    If you purchase a reqular CD/DVD player I think you can purchase something from the link above and make it work with the Quest.

    Good luck.



    I am about to instal a new stereo. I am pretty sure that the face of the stereo will come out through the cd space I just don’t know how to fabricate the mounting bracket. Anyone have an idea?


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