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    I am new to this forum and website. After considering all three vans ( Honda/Toyota/Nissan) I finally got Nissan Quest LE. I got good deal I think. I have this van for more than a month and there is already ~1K miles on it. This is the first time I have owned any CVT based vehicle. Frankly so far I am getting used to it and not really liking it. I find few things in my new quest which I do not like.

    1. van is really sluggish when starts from light. no Matter how hard pedal is floored, it still does not accelerate the way I want. CVT brings down RPM back to ~1500.
    so it moves slow and I feel “slippery” feel during this time. In my test drive since I was new to CVT I missed this part I guess
    2. when I brake before moving into my drive way from road, then release brake, I get jerk ( make van lurch forward). I get similar feeling when I immediately remove my foot from pedal and apply on brake and again remove from brake and apply on pedal. I do not like this at all. I have honda accord ~80K miles and runs very smooth still ( of course it has different transmission but CVT supposed to be smoother?)

    3. fuel tank gauge is not accurate even though I have face a scenario where it halts like people complained before in 2011 models.

    4. brakes in general are not gripping. I feel engine braking slight jerk also when stopping from light.

    did anyone face these issues in their van. Is it normal. I hope not. Does CVT suppose to improve after sometime?

    Pl help and try to answer. I have an appointment with dealer to talk about these issues.



    I have none of the issue of which you speak, and actually…I really like the CVT in the Quest. I also have a 2012 Altima SR and that CVT does all of the crap you list. It is the worst transmission I have ever had…2nd only to Hondas with V6s.

    So far, so good with our Quest.



    Good to hear that you do not have issue like what I see. That means there is a hope of improvement. I am little surprised that only I am seeing this atleast in this forum. I checked bunch of other online sites and there are people saying that it sluggish and power fades away ( slippery effect) once it started and then it runs smooth.

    Is there any particular way I need to learn driving in that case it defeats the purpose of having automatic transmission. I was not expecting this and I am not happy with this brand new van. Sometime I think I would have bought Honda Odyssey.



    Oh God…a Honda Oddy is what I got rid of…I will never own another honda. I would not even notice that the van was a CVT probably it is that smooth…..extreme opposite of the CVT in my Altima.



    The CVT takes a bit of getting used to. There is a point where it will put the engine up to about 2.5k RPM when you take off and stay there, just try to push the pedal to make it do that. If the RPM starts to drop off then push more. It just takes some getting used to.

    They are great vans. 100% made in Japan is a huge plus. My 1996 Toyota T-100, the full sized one before the Tundra is 100% made in Japan as well. It is still going strong. Never once had a problem with it. There is something to say about that!!



    Thanks for suggestion. I already tried it. I tried pushing pedal when I was on light. It make lot of noise but it does not really move past 2K RPM and very quickly comes back to ~1.5K RPM. Also do you see similar thing like jerk different situation I mentioned above. I want to make sure nothing is wrong with the van transmission.



    Keep going it will I promise. The 3.5 motor is a strong performer. One of the Wards top 10 for many years. And one of the best engines of all time. You have to keep giving it gas until it goes up above 2.5K RPM. It will.

    Go out and get on a highway or interstate and put the peddle down to the floor. Then you will see it jump up. You can push it down slowly to get a feel for when it will jump up in RPM.

    I don’t know what you mean about the jerking. Sorry I don’t understand what you are saying. Can you describe it again?




    I am also new to this website but I am not a newbie when it comes to CVTs. I first drove a CVT with my 2011 Nissan Rouge SV. I have been driving manual transmissions all my life but had to settle for an automatic so that my wife can drive too.
    Before buying the Rouge, I did all my research. I heard about the engine drone and some other stuff but overall I liked the Rogue compared to its rivals. The CVT on my Rogue did cause engine drone at high acceration and was a bit slow to pick up speed. However, it was very fuel efficient and quiet once I learned how to adjust my driving styles and appreciate the CVT to my advantage. The CVT is not designed for regular 0-60 MPH tests, instead it is designed for smooth and gearless shifting compared against conventional automatics. Moreover, I noticed there is a CVT lag, especially in cold winter mornings. This was remedied by simply warming up the vehicle and waiting for the gauge to hit pass the cold level.
    Now, my second experience with a CVT is with my current 2013 Nissan Quest SV. It was with a heavy heart that we had to trade-in our Rouge last January 2013 because we welcomed our second child. I noticed that the CVT is more compatible with the Quest’s V6 engine because there’s no more engine drone and its more smoother. However, fuel consumption is disappointing at an average of 12 miles per gallon in Chicago driving conditions this winter. How much is your average?
    I personally think the Quest drives just fine from a full stop. I feel there is plenty of power as the engine would roar and the van would pounce if accelaration is pressed so sudden. We cannot expect this minivan to drive and accelerate like a sedan because it is totally a different machine , as it is much heavier and less aerodynamic as well. Just as a hatchback drives differently from a pickup truck. Perhaps, your driving expectations are still fixated with that of a sedan. A simple acceptance that you are now driving a totally different machine can make a lot of difference in your driving attitude.
    Initially, I also experienced the “jerk” while turning at corners and shifting my foot from pedal to pedal. I remedied this by taking corners at more controlled speeds. Slight “jerking” while going to a full stop is normal. It is called engine braking, which is very useful in reducing speeds without braking in manual transmission vehicles. I think Nissan calls this the EBD. I actually do not feel this “jerking” while stopping at red lights on my Quest.
    As for the fuel gauge, I cannot say that it reads inaccurately as I have never experienced any trouble. Once the gauge hits half full, I replenish it immediately. This is important, especially in cold weather states as the bitter cold can effect the “floater” in the tank and alter fuel gauge accuracy. I suggest you replenish your tank immediately once it reaches half full to preempt any issues.
    Lastly, for the brakes. Here I agree that the Quest’s brakes are not providing superb stopping power considering its has four huge ventilated disc brakes. In fact, according to, Quest took a lot longer stopping distance compared to other minivans in their brake tests. Because of this facts and experience, I adjusted my driving style even more. I always approach intersections with more caution and at lower speeds. I always observe speed limits and never tailgate. Specially, if I know the orange light is about to come on.
    Overall, the Quest is a very good minivan compared to others. I love driving it around Chicago and the freeway. A little change in driving style is all that is needed. Good luck.



    I think you are right. Now I have started to learn and change my attitude towards van, I really started liking this van. It really drives very smooth and quiet.

    Recently I had a short trip of about ~150 miles. It was very nice and I was hitting ~23 mpg ( based on trip computer) with AC on 50% time. I was driving between 70-75mph. I am pretty sure I can hit > 24mpg If I drive 70mph without AC.

    However I still see one issue. Fuel guage would show incorrect reading if Van is parked on incline or driveway for couple of hrs. I came back from trip and parked van on drive way. When I started van again it was showing “full” fuel but in reality it was 3/4 full. I have noticed If I drive van for couple of miles, guage adjust and start showing correct reading.

    I am not hitting problem which occured in 2011 models where van would not start if tank is 1/4 or below. Even if Van is below 1/4 or close to empty van has no problem at all.

    Also I am looking for one more advice for purchasing warranty for 7 yrs and maintenance package for 60K miles. Any suggestion how much I should be paying?



    That is a known problem for the quest. Not a big deal take it to the dealer and have them fix it. there is a TSB out for exactly what you are describing

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