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    We’ve been the happy owners of a 2005 Quest for about 32,000 miles. Handles great, awesome engine, quality issues easily addressed. We were blessed with an excellent dealership that featured honest decent people, quick service, car ready when promised, etc.

    Of course they just disappeared, out of business, gone, end of story, pfffft!!! and we just went to the place that bought them up and relocated. Ugh. Bad location, price of an oil change went from 24.95 to 49.95, and we just had a very annoying day with them. Brought the car in for an oil change and a price on a new side mirror. I was promised that they would call with a price for the mirror and give me the option to replace it, and one way or another it would be ready for my wife to pick up to use in picking up the kids at school. I went back to work with no anxieties, based on my past experience.

    My wife called me from the repair shop. We had never gotten the price on the mirror. The guy who had done the intake on the car said: “You’re early!….No, wait…oops!” and ran out. He was back in 20 minutes, saying that the wheels were being put back on. Wheels? For an oil change? Yes, he said, we have to check everything like that by law. Law? Yes, ma’m, he reportedly said to my wife, what if we gave you an oil change and the car fell apart with you and the kids in it? You need new front brakes, new rear brakes, etc., etc., the standard spiel one sees in cartoons about service departments.

    This despite having had the 30,000 mile service about 2000 miles back.

    It’s enough to make me cry. We had such a wonderful dealership (wow, I never thought I would see myself writing something like that!) and now we’re back in the soup with everyone else, crabbing about service departments.

    I suppose you’re wondering what my question might be, and here it is: shouldn’t the 30,000 mile service have included a brake check? Can I ever trust these guys again?



    Seems like most are crooks. our area one is decent, but like anyone else you have to keep an eye on them. Frankly, I avoid dealers at all costs. Oil changes – I use the standard quick lube or valvoline places. They are always cheaper. There is nothing special about the Quest that you have to worry about them screwing up… Now on my VW, yeah I DIY cuz there is too much for them to mess up (belly pan, lack of 5W-40, etc).

    The mirror – My wife knocked her out as well. I forget the cost. It wasn’t as cheap as I had hoped. Frankly, she got it replaced without me knowing (until later). Under normal circumstances this is a DIY. Nearly all trim issues are DIY jobs IMHO if you have the time. Rather than go through the service desk, you are almost always better off going directly to the parts desk and dealing with them directly. Of course, be aware of the approximate cost — I’ve had parts desks really try to rip me off before (a naughty VW dealer in Florence, KY). If you have patience, you can also nearly always order the part online at a much cheaper price.

    On brakes, as soon as you hear the slightest squeak or grind, chances are you need pads. If you are super diligent on getting pads regularly, you can avoid new rotors. This is far easier said than done of course. Nearly all new model cars have thin rotors and cheap pads, so brakes are just common maintenance. If the dealer was suggesting pads, I’d take them – if it was rotors, I’d grind them to a nub before bothering… well maybe not that far 😉

    Of course, all that said, it does sound like they were scamming you – I have never heard of taking the wheels off for an oil change.

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