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    Well after only 10k miles since the last turn and pad replacement, I am getting ready to replace the rotors and go with new pads. I had a tough time determining whether I wanted to go performance aftermarket and drilled and/or slotted rotors. I ended up doing hours of research online and discovering the way to go is to find regular blanks that have been cryogenically treated. It is just what it sounds, they freeze the rotors (-300 degrees) after they are milled and this process makes a harder rotor less likely to warp due to heat. Additionally, I am skipping semi-metallic pads as the higher metal content also contributes to premature rotor warping and damage due excess heat created and going with a ceramic pad.

    I ordered and received quite quickly my new rotors from Aside from the cryo treatment, they also have an E-coating similar to zinc treatment that covers the hat, inside hub and the entire vane/vented surface. It is black on all those protions. Looks pretty good, and I am anxious to see how they will hold up.

    I got ceramic pads from O’Reilly Auto for about $44 and the new rotors plus shipping was about $140. I am installing them tomorrow and after properly bedding them, I’ll let everyone know what I think and give some updates as they “age”.

    Let’s hope we have another cheaper alternative to Frozen rotors or Stillen.



    I have not heard of that brand of rotor but I’m sure you will have good luck with those rotors and ceramic pads. If the stopping power turns out to not be as expected try HAWK HPS pads next time. Pricey but the best out there IMO.
    Just FYI though, It is rare for a rotor to actually “warp”. What happens is when the brakes heat up to a certain point, and that is not much for cheap brakes or many OEM equipment, the pads leave a deposit on the rotor when you come to a stop and hold the brakes. When given a chance to cool down a bit that deposit is there for good and creates an almost microscopic high spot on the rotor. The result is the ever annoying steering wheel shake when you brake. Usually the only way to get rid of it is to turn the rotors but it will happen again sooner or latter.
    There is the advantage to the better aftermarket brake pads, they handle the heat much better and do not leave the depsits on the rotors.



    I have Forzen rotors (cryo treated) and Hawk HPS, there is no sign of warping after 30km (yet), but i do see some score on the front rotors



    > I have not heard of that brand of rotor but I’m sure you will have good luck with those rotors and ceramic pads

    Never read anything sillier.
    How can you be confident some unknown brad would work fine?

    Even the most popular brands may fail miserably. It’s a lottery.



    The brake rotors are actually Centric blanks, a fairly good name in the world of brakes. So that was somewhat of a relief to see. Bedding process went well and the install was a nightmare. The driver’s side top caliper pin bolt was siezed to the caliper itself. I tried for over three hours before the nut finally rounded. I used almost an entire 16oz bottle of propane trying to heat and remove. I ended up having to remove the caliper from the brake hose and take it over to a buddy’s house where we spent 20 minutes with a hacksaw removing the head so that we could drill and tap or use an ez out. About 4/5’s of the way through, their was an audible pop and vibration through the caliper. We put a pair of pliers on the pin and were able to twist it out by hand. Somehow the head had been completely siezed to the caliper. I popped over to our 24hr autozone and got a new bolt kit and then put it all back together. Ended up being 7/8’s of the way fixed, still had some noticeable vibration. So, I went a head and then did the back rotors. Had them turned (they were way outta wack and uneven) and a new pair of ceramic pads there too. Now it is like a hot knife through hot butter. Smooth as silk, and no noticeable difference in stopping distance by switching to ceramic over semi-metallic. I am very happy over all and will give some updates on performance as the miles wear on. For now, we have only put about 400 miles on the new setup.



    Thanks for making this post tholmes69.
    I look forward to your updates.



    My OEM front rotors warped badly at only 29,000 kilometers on my ’07. Rediculous!
    I had Frozen Rotors and Hawk LTS pads put on. That was about 4 months and 12,000 kilometers ago. So far so good. Mind you I’m in Canada and it’s been cold these past four months so…
    For what it’s worth the guy (Mark) at advised against ceramic pads. Quote:
    “We are not a big fan of the ceramics. The Hawk pads are a carbon based pad and are excellent in reducing brake operating temps. The ceramics will typically the run hotter. Hotter is not good on heavier vehicles like vans, trucks, and SUV’s.
    I would recommend using the Hawk LTS brake pad. I run these on my F150 and went 50,000 on the first front set. Not bad since I pull a 6000 pound trailer 10 times a year.”

    The Hawks have been good (and quiet) for me so far. Not sure about dust as I had my winter steel wheels put on shortly after the brakes were done. Summer wheels will be going back on in a couple of weeks. I’ll know more about dust after that.



    Don’t be an a$$hole. Try to help or stay off the board.



    Good work. I hope they stay smoooooth.



    My OEM rotors warped at 10K miles. I’ve replaced them with EBC and they lasted
    10k miles as well. Now I am trying Frozen slotted rotors with Hawk LTS pads to see
    if they last longer. I hate changing brakes once a year.



    Well, let’s review your accusations.

    Someone posts enthusiastic comment, in which they express unfounded hope that something they are not familiar with must be wonderful.

    How’s that of help more, than my observation that expressing unfounded hopes does not help?

    On the contrary to your rude remark, it actually helps people in the long run, if someone makes sobering remarks about their unfounded excitement. Unfortunately in our society people consider enemies those, who speak truth to them, instead of considering enemies those who do bad things to them.

    You are on the forum, dedicated to a POS vehicle called ‘Nissan Quest’, ridden with piss poor quality, terribly designed parts, that fail at random, and you are advocating expression of unfounded hopes.

    This is a place where desperate people share experience about breakdowns, not a modder board where it is normal to brag about installed turbo or LED windshield wiper lights.

    Give your head a shake. Peace.

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