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    TN Crusin

    It has been almost 30 K miles on the factory tires and they need to go. Any. Recomendations on a good quiet set of replacement tires.



    Highly recommend Michelin Primacy. One of the few tires I have purchased that lived up to their hype. But they are pricey.



    We have had great life out of the Yokohama AVID’s and are currently running the Yokohama AVID TRZ (80K mile tire).
    They are priced right and I get them from Discount Tire Direct. Shipping to my door is free and I just take them to the local tire shop and have mounted for $60.



    I’m also looking for tire recommendations to replace the Toyo A22’s that were original equipment on my 2011 Quest.

    I live in New England and have noticed this winter that the traction in snow is absolutely horrendous with the Toyos. Would be interested to hear what people have been using that will give better all season performance, and will be available in the 235/55/18 size needed for this vehicle.



    Wow, I am surprised how you guys can make it through with all these types of weather with the Toyo A22s?! I have trouble getting traction on rainy days. So glad I ditched them and got myself a set of Pirelli Winter Scorpion on the OEM wheels. I am also running on Yoko Parada Spec-X (255/40/20) with aftermarket rims in the warm days. Both of the sets have tremendous grip on dry and wet. They beat the A22s hands down—granted, A22s are only passenger tires, so nothing fancy about it.

    If you guys are shopping for tires, check out Tire Rack. I highly recommend Continental DWS. Like the name, Dry, Wet, Snow. I didn’t have a problem at all. It has lots of grip, comfort, and treadwear. It lasts at least 3 years with lots of miles.



    you guys running the Michelins and Yokohamas in snow/ice? The 235/55-18 Toyo’s they put on the newer quests have been terrible. I think some of it might be the low profile of the tire, and the sheer width of the tire that certainly doesn’t help the tire cut through the snow and slush.

    Curious specifically about performance in snow/ice. Thanks!



    The Michelins do Ok in the snow. the sheer size of the vehicle makes it inherently clumsy in bad weather. We have driven in light snow, 1″ or so, without an issue. I don’t drive in deeper snow, not worth the risk.



    I just got a new set of tires for my other vehicle. I got the new firestone destination LE 2’s. These are just AWESOME!!! They are the quietest tires I have ever owned. They also gave me a boost in fuel economy by so far 1.5MPG. I am very impressed. As soon as our toyos go, those firestones are going on!!!


    I looked in the tire forum for advice, turns out I should have come here. Anyways, here is my one day review of my new Michelin Premier A/S.

    I tested them on snow/ice covered roads but it was in the 40s that day. I will try to provide more feedback on a arctic blast day in the snow and cold.




    I am also looking recommendation to replace 2012 nissan quest LE tire ( 235/55/18). I see in this forum some of you guys have tried different tires. My quest has only 17K miles and tires are already in ready to be replaced.

    At around ~5K miles, I had flat tire and Both Walmart and Les schwab told me that they cannot repair tire. I had to replace one tire at that time. I did not have time and I did not have much choice, I went with Les schwab and they recommended me Toyo UltraZ 900 and I was told by them it is very good tire. so now I have three toyo A22 and one toyo ultraZ 900. So far tire has been good but cant really tell difference but did not feel anything negative with that tire.

    Costo recommends Michelin Latitude Tour
    Les schwab recommends toyo ultraZ 900
    American tire recommends Michelin Premiers A/S
    Nissan Dealer recommends following in that order
    Michelin Energy MXv4
    Yokohoma AVID
    Hankook dynapro HP2

    Based on this forum it looks Michelin Premiers is not a good tire.
    At this point I do not know but looks like toyo ultraZ 900 could be way to go but this tire is exclusive to Les schwab only.

    any recommendation?


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