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    Hi all ~

    I bought a new to me 2005 Quest in October, and I love all the room that it give me, However, when we hit a bump in the road, it honestly sounds like it is just going to fall apart. We have had the shocks looked at and were told they look good.

    My question is….Is this normal or should we maybe look at better shocks or even larger tires so we arent’ so low to the ground?

    Also lately it hasn’t been wanting to turn over to start. We put a new battery in it, however it still happens on occasion.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



    Uhh hello it’s a minivan. Cause of it’s long wheelbase it’s always going to be noisy. I drove the Sienna, Odyssey, and my own Quest and their all damn noisy no matter what it is. If you want quiet get an Infiniti



    Thanks, I was actually looking for a more constructive reply, not that my wheel base is long and that is to be expected. The wheel base is no longer than the suburban that I have.

    It sounds like the entire vehicle is just going to fall apart after hitting a bump. Didn’t know if that was happening to anyone else or not or if new “better” shocks would be my answer.




    The 2004 – 2006 Quests known to have a noisy ride. Partially due to the slider doors, stiffer suspension and cheap interior plastics. I briefly drove a 2007 Quest SE yesterday and it was amazingly quiet by comparison.
    So unfortunately, it is normal.



    I have a 2005 Nissan Quest SE that I purchased second hand from a car dealer. Outside of the normal problem any auto manufacturer has I have discovered a defect that needs immediate attention and I believe the noise problem you have duplicates mine. I love my van but am appalled this has not been addressed by Nissan. I’ve used their web portal and have yet to even get a response.
    I don’t want to become a spokesperson for consumer rights, but we all need to band together to get something done. Someone’s family is going to get hurt.

    I have a quality mechanic and collision specialist agree that there is missing or defective welding on the frame that is causing this noise. If you reach to the top of the luggage rack and the top of the rear wheel well and move the car up and down the sound you hear is the frame moving away from the body. Try this and tell me if I am crazy or not.

    Nissan has a recall out for a striker plate for the rear seat and this deadens the noise. In reality this does nothing to repair the true danger. The car frame could seperate from the body and cause serious injury.

    I will include the e-mail adresses of the top 3 executives at NISSANUSA and a link to report this the the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Any and everyone should petition till there is a solution. I have also taken the liberty of posting my e-mails to the executives. Please create more if you would like to move the mountain before we loose some miners/minors.

    God Bless and God Speed

    I believe there is a structural defect on the 2005 Nissan Quest SE and should be addressed immediately. The initial recall of the seating bracket striker plate appears to be a cover up for more than noise. The entire frame is incorrectly welded and bends by the rear wheel wells. I have had a mechanic and a body shop specialist take off the brakes and check the shocks, bushing etc. in an effort to find the noise. The frame welds from the factory are either missing or defective and it is the moving frame that is under/near the rear seats. This is a major safety issue and will cause injury or worse. In light of all the bad press Honda and Toyota have received in a down market, I know that Nissan should rise to occasion and offer immediate repairs, replacements or whatever else it takes to satisfy and keep consumers before what little market share disappears. You have great vehicles. Don’t align yourselves with greed and mismanagement or even fraud. Stand behind your products and make this right before you ruin a terrific company and opportunity for future success. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to voice my concerns and give you the information to map out a plan for the NHTSA and others that have been informed. Thank you

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