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    So we just got back from a week vacation in Florida. While down there, we had an ’05 Chrysler Town & Country LX as a rental.

    My impressions:

    – weak powertrain
    – uncomfortable seats
    – bland styling
    – soft handling

    – Stow n Go seating is great (much easier than the Quest to stow the 3rd row… damn Quest headrests)
    – split 3rd row seat
    – better quality interior materials

    The big thing I noticed that the T&C has up on the Quest is sound dampening. When I drove the Quest home from the airport for the first time in a week, I immediately noticed how much noisier the ride is in the Quest. Engine noise and wind noise was a lot louder. I hope on the future Quest model years, Nissan decides to use more sound dampening materials in the body. I think it would greatly improve the quality and feel of the ride.



    My wife wouldn’t have anything to do with the Dodge / Chrysler vans, so I never checked them out. I had heard they offered alot of space and “smoother” handling, which often means they handle like a boat.

    I believe the new Quests have improved third-row headrests you don’t have to remove in the floding process. I’m not sure if this feature is out on dealer lots yet, it may be a 2007 feature from the upcoming interior overhaul.



    The T&C’s seats are quite comfortable, but not had much as the Quest’s. While I found it to be quieter overall, the amount of engine noise was overwhelming. My old Windstar was better (but the TC’s was smoother)



    Couldn’t disagree more with the person who started this thread. I’ve been FORCED to rent a couple of Chrysler vans over the past few years. One only had 10 miles on the odometer, in other words, showroom new and it was a DOG. Power? It wouldn’t pull the skin off a bowl of pudding.

    Compared to my ’07 Quest, it’s like comparing a Clydesdale with a Thoroughbred. The Quest handles very well, has superb power on demand and is more solidly built by far. The Chrysler vans I drove were scary to be in when it came to negotiating my way through heavy traffic and an adventure to either pass or pull a hill.

    Chrylers are junk, or am I being too obtuse?



    The 07 Quest with the folding rear seats has the headrests pop down quick when you pull the strap to fold them. Very quick and very easy.



    How my 07 SL compares with my past MOPAR vans.

    I’ve owned a 91 Voyager with just the 4 banger. It was underpowered and handled like a slug. Braking on any type of steep extended downhill roads reminded me of my old days driving VW Busses. The only safe way to drive the thing was to drive so you never needed to use the brakes or pass anyone. The seats, forget about it. They just didn’t know how to do seats that long ago.

    My next was a 98 Grand Voyager. It too was underpowered even with the V6 and also handled like crap. Forget about passing, the thing was a rolling road block. Getting the second row captians chairs and the third row seats out was a REAL chore and unless you wanted a trip to the back doctor, required two people. The seats were pretty decent and the thing was fairly quiet at highway speeds. At 33,000 miles the engine leaked oil from almost every gasket and I never could get the front end to stay aligned decently. I was glad it was on a lease so I could just send it back. That pretty much ended my relationship with any MOPAR vans.

    I agree that the way the seats fold on the MOPAR vans is really nice, but is it worth it to drive an gutless, mushy handling and stodgy looking van just to get those nice folding seats? Ah, let me think about it…. NO! They have managed to get their crash ratings up on the MOPAR minivans, but the Quest I believe is rated better.

    Chrysler corp is still trying to ride the wave they started years ago with the first minivan. They just haven’t noticed yet that the wave crested and has just about petered out at the shoreline. Their folding seats are the ONLY thing they have going and just about the only thing they stress on their ads. IMO Chrysler needs a major overhaul on these vans to remain competitive in the market.

    The Quest may have it’s faults. I find there to be a fair amount of road noise but that could be the POS Goodyear tires. The engine noise I actually like (maybe I’ll try and get an aftermarket exhaust). I wish the slider door windows at least hinged open a little. However, overall it has way more power, a tighter and more reliable motor, more interior room, handles like it’s on rails and is the coolest looking “scoccer mom” or “dad mobile” ride out there. The folding seats on the 07’s are much improved and really are fairly decent. Why Nissan doesn’t advertise these vans more and try to gain a wider market share is beyond me. In the meantime all us Quest owners will continue to “dare to be different”.




    The above posters are correct. The 07 and 08 model year Quests have 3rd row headrests that automatically fold down first when you pull the folding strap.



    Before we purchased our ’04 Quest SE, we drove a ’99 Chrysler T&C Limited. Which, until we drove our Quest, we were very happy with.
    Ignorance is bliss.
    While there were a lot of nice features on the limited, you simply cannot ignor the fact that it would roll over and die before it could get through any corner, or bend in the road. And how can you contest the Size of the Quest? Oh, and let me hear that VQ roar! If I have to endure a little extra road noise to hear that engine sing… so be it!
    Our lease on our ’04 Quest ended in Nov. of ’06. Since then we thought we would go out and buy a “cooler” car. So we picked up an ’07 GMC Yukon Denali Xl…. hated it. Great power, nice interior, but far less seating room than the Quest, no rear sunroof and 10.5mpg around town doesn’t cut it.
    So we sold it.
    Bought an ’08 GMC Acadia. Nice Crossover, looks good, handles GREAT in the snow. Still a little lacking in the seating room department, but not as bad as the Denali. Very little storage space behind the third row. And only 12.5mpg around town! This is with a V6 that supposedly has 275hp and a 6spd auto tranny…that, even with the update, still can’t decide which gear it should start out in.
    Sorry, but my ’04 Quest with 240hp would run circles around it. and get 18mpg doing it. (I drove it like a sports car… hey, the engine sounds like one!)
    None of the above rides had all the features that our Quest had such as the Sky Roof, twin DVD screens, power sliding doors (which, as a father of 5 kids, I got tired of having to make sure they didn’t throw the Denali doors open into another car and total it!), and lots of legroom. But both of them were $20k and $10k more, respectively!
    We’re now selling our ’08 Acadia and going back to a Quest. I never thought in a million years I’d say it… but I dig on that MINIVAN!
    There is simply no way to get more car for your money than with the Quest!

    Missing the ride.



    They are offering some excellent deals like $25000 for the $40000 SE models. I bought an S model with drivers package for $17100 after driving Odysseys for the past decade.

    So far I am loving my new van.

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