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    Chevrolet Uplander, Buick Terraza, Saturn Relay, Pontiac Montana

    These things are a joke. The only decent quality of them is their 3.5 L V6, a very good engine, but otherwise they are designed to look like SUV’s with a pronounced nose, but they don’t fool anyone. Even worse, I’ve heard that some insurers categorize them as SUVs and the rates are much higher than a van. Inside, not much as changed since the Chevy Venture aside a loss of some space. The 3rd row doesn’t fold flat, a must have feature for any new van. The trim is very cheap and noisy in all but the Buick, which is just as pricey as a top trim Sienna XLE or Honda EX.

    Admittedly we first got into the minivan market because of the GM Employee pricing ads. I reasoned that we might be able to get an Uplander base model for dirt cheap and suffer through it for a few years. Luckily, many other people had that same thought, and by mid-July all the base models were gone, leaving only top trim models, priced at the point where we could get into imports for the same money. We did test drive them all, only the Buick had an acceptable interior. Other than that, I won’t waste my time.

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