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    The Odyssey get raves reviews, as it should. It is an excellent van. It also carries a big price tag. Many Hondas are like this. They make good and reliable, conservatively styled popular vehicles and they can charge a premium for them. When I was shopping, I didn’t take a close look at the Odyssey EX, much the same way I didn’t look at the Sienna XLE or Quest SE — they were all simply out of budget.

    I did consider the Odyssey LX, however, but it is a relatively difficult vehicle to obtain. Honda doesn’t make many, figuring most people want all the bells and whistles of a fully loaded EX. Either that or it drives people to those trims by not stocking the base. (The latter seems to be a trend with some manufacturers that I’ve noted.)

    When compared to the Quest S, both sticker about the same and offer similar features. They are very differently optioned, however, and it is worth noting this divergence:

    The Odyssey LX delivers a 5-speed automatic V6, side curtain airbags, and their famed split 3rd row folding seats.

    The Quest S provides only a 4 speed tranny, no side curtain airbags and a one-piece folding seat. But also has the folding captains chairs, rear sonar, power sliding door and liftgate, tire pressure monitors and host of informational display (fuel to empty, etc.), which are only presented in the Odyssey EX trim.

    Given this divergence, and the fact that their MSRP may be equal, but that the Quest S can be had for far less; heaps favor upon the Nissan. I believe this comparison is only valid at the trim levels noted. As I said, I didn’t evaluate the top-level trims.

    Have an opinion on this comparison, maybe you compared the EX to the SE? Let your voice be heard!



    I have to say that the quest is a much better value. In Canada, a Quest S with the power package (power door, lifgate and the rear sonar)is only $450 a month including taxes with $0 down (48 mon lease). Here, it comes with the curtain airbags, and heated cloth seats! All for only 450 a month. The base odyssey (LX) is $480 a month with $5500 down! That’s alota dough i don’t have. Even the Sienna is $500 with no money down. Too expensive too pay for that badge. (I found the quest to ride better too, so it’s a no brainer for me)



    You have to get the Odyssey Touring package to get all the bells and whistles the Quest SE offers. Honda seemed much pricier and the attitude of the salesmen at Honda, forget it. The only thing that I liked in the Sienna and Odyssey that wasn’t offered in the Quest, was the windows rolled down on the side doors.
    Alot of people say the interior quality is poor and plasticy in the Quest, I saw no difference with the others,the Quest’s is more futuristic looking I guess. As I’ve said in another comment, my wife and I love our Quest and feel that it compared in quality to the others, and out-did them in performance and handling.



    After owning a 02 and 06 honda odsy. i was alittle bored and liked the styling of the quest and went for it. My odsy got 26MPG on hywy, my nissan was supposed to get comparable according to sticker.Well 18 MPG hywy on my quest translates to $100 month in extra fuel cost which would have gotten me a top of the line odsy touring edition, with amuch better residual in 2 yrs. PLUS in 2 months and 5000 miles i’ve had many problems including leaks in wind shield bad rattles in sliding doors torn and ravaged cheap quality rubber gaskets.SO YES ITS AN APPARENT VALUE, BUT IT REALLY ISN’T.


    Having just bought a 2008 Quest SE I thought the differences between the Oddyssey and the Quest were quite significant. Other than the power down rear windows, 2nd row center seat/console option and split folding 3rd row, the 08 Oddy didn’t offer anything more than the 08 Quest.

    I always felt the Oddy was a slightly better value at each trim level. The reason being was that some “leading-edge” features were offered on the Quest at each trim level were not available on the Oddy at all or at the highest trim level such at adjustable pedals. The packaging on the Oddy required you to buy the Touring to get features such as sonar, backup camera and adjustable pedals. At this level the Nav is also part of the package which isn’t worth $2000 IMHO.

    When it came to interior and design the Quest wins hands down. The use of nice materials on the inside of the Quest are superior to those in the Oddy. The Quest also offers name brand AV (Bose, Panasonic) equipment where as the Oddy offers, well, Honda.

    Features aside, we felt the Oddy had a lot of road noise and was too twitchy at freeway speeds. However we found the ride to be subtle and the seats comfortable.

    Finally, the number one feature offered in the Quest is the legendary 3.5VQ engine. Sure Honda makes some reliable and smooth power-plants but nothing that comes close to the VQ series.

    If you were to visit an Oddy forum similar to this you’ll find all the similar complaints from Oddy owners such as bad OEM tires, bad brakes, leaks, noises, rattles, shimmies and the notorious, bad MPG. In fact the main Oddy forum has a database for accumulating and reporting real world millage from owners which indicates 19.08 mpg from 526 reports. It’s easy to see that not only are the EPA estimates on the Quest slightly exaggerated but so are those on the Oddy. Remember people, those sticker estimates were obtained in a controlled setting and can only be used as a gauge to compare between makes and models.

    Without a doubt, the Oddy is a fine vehicle but as far as I’m concerned, it’s a runner-up to the Quest.



    18 mpg on the freeway sounds like a serious problem. Our ’05 gets 20 mpg with a 50/50 mix of freeway and city driving. On a long freeway drive we easily get 24 to 25 mpg with an average speed of 75 mph.

    What kind of speeds do you drive? If you’re not driving 90mph, with your mileage you should probably bring it in to find out what is wrong.



    Right —

    On our 2005 SL, we consistently get 20+ on freeway driving; up to 26mpg on road trips. It all depends on how you drive with the Quest. When I’m focused I can get 17-18 in the city. But, if I drive “normally” with lots of rev and starts and stops, I’ll average 13 in L.A.
    Now coming down from Big Bear I’ve averaged 30!




    I would stay away from the Odyssey. I was about to sign papers on a used 04 Ody and did a little research and found out that the ODY has major tranny problems. I also called 6 AAMCO stores in the DFW area and they all said that they have had Odysseys in their shop for tranny problems, and they recommended that I stay away from this vehicle. I am going to stick with the Quest, even though I found a 04 EX-L edition loaded with leather and all the fixings. Do a Google search and you will be amazed at all the horror stories about the Honda Odyssey.



    18 mpg is pretty bad both on the highways and local driving you should be hitting low 30’s figure on the high way. I know the new jaguar my dad got does about that.

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